10 Social Media Problems and Possible Solutions

social media problems

Small business social media is a good thing…usually. Of course, this week observers in business and technology fields got a good look at how social media can also go bad.

Challenges in small business social media are inevitable. Social media tools can build your brand. But, they can also tear you down. There are many uncertainties too. Below are 10 troubles with small business social media and how to set them right.

10 Social Media Problems and Possible Solutions

Traditional Businesses Can’t Ignore It ~ BBC News

Kate Dailey reports on a hotel in Denver, Colorado involved in a $3.25 million renovation. The owners are counting on social media exposure to make their new hotel a tourist destination. Using small business social media brings its own challenges of turning clicks into customers and this one old fashioned business is focusing on creating a distinct social media voice to meet that challenge.

It’s Not as Simple as it Looks ~ The Sydney Morning Herald

Ted Rubin, social marketing strategist with content marketing firm Collective Bias, has earned a reputation as most followed chief marketing officer on Twitter. How does he do it? On a recent visit to Australia, Rubin spoke to a journalist about the secret to his success. He claims there are no tricks to his trade: just hard work, authenticity and lots of personal branding.

Your Efforts are Being Ignored ~ Dynamic Business

A recent study of Australian businesses found 70 percent offer social media channels for customer service. But only 31 percent of consumers are making use of them. Experts say the problem is outreach. Businesses must work harder to go to the social networks their customers use. They must engage as they would with any other communications tool.

There’s Too Much Noise ~ The Guardian

There is another reason small business social media is challenging. Making yourself heard above all the other social messages out there is difficult. The question becomes how to cut through all this noise to reach your customers. Small business owners should seek out areas where potential customers regularly communicate. They should cultivate customer communities that will spread the business’ brand and message to others.

It’s a Huge Time Sink ~ Forbes

Make no mistake. Small business social media takes time. That usually means time taken away from something else equally important. A professional management company gives 10 suggestions that will allow you to get the benefits you need from social media while effectively managing the time required.

Mastery Remains a Challenge ~ Penn Live

Used effectively, small business social media is more powerful than advertising and has the “power of the personal,” says business blogger John Luciew. Still, every small business is different. Luciew takes us through one fledgling entrepreneur’s journey to make social media an integral part of her startup success.

It Requires Investment ~ Post-Gazette

A recent survey shows that of 1,200 small businesses surveyed nationwide, only 20 percent plan to increase employment in 2013. But the majority of companies surveyed say they will increase spending on technology this year. That includes small business social media. Social media requires an investment. It also offers a return: more visibility, more customers, more revenue.

You Just Don’t Have the Staff ~ Charlotte Business Journal

The majority of companies may not be hiring to deal with their small business social media needs. But having someone dedicated to the task is important. Experts say one option is delegating social media chores within your company. Make it the responsibility of the advertising or public relations team, for example.

Public Relations Risks Abound ~ Small Business Trends

Last month, Jim Franklin, CEO for SendGrid Inc., lived every chief executive’s nightmare when a controversy involving his own “evangelist developer” Adria Richards, erupted on Twitter and then on Richards’ blog. The fiasco lead to the dismissal of Richards and an employee at another software company. The firings have also drawn criticisms highlighting the need for a better social media policy at the company to prevent future incidents.

It Distracts From Important SEO ~ Small Business Computing

You may already have an online presence. You may worry time spent on social media will distract your team from other important things. Your website needs SEO, for example. Tamara Weintraub, content marketing manager at ReachLocal, says there is no reason you can’t have both. Follow these 5 social media marketing tips to boost your SEO.

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