10 Tips for Better Internal and External Business Communication

10 Tips for Better Internal and External Business Communication

Communication is an essential part of running a business. You need to be able to communicate effectively with members of your own team and those outside of your business. Members of the small business community have plenty of knowledge to share about effective communication. Check out some of their top tips below.

Learn How to Talk About Competitors and Gain Credibility

When discussing your competition, you need to be able to do so in a way that still makes you look credible. This post by Martin Zwilling of the Startup Professionals Musings blog includes tips for doing just that. BizSugar members share thoughts on the post too.

Work Remotely Without Driving Yourself Insane

Working remotely might sound like a dream come true. But it can actually be quite difficult to stay on task and not drive yourself crazy throughout the day. Since so many workers are starting to telecommute these days, Emma Siemasko shares advice for working remotely on the ilos Videos blog.

Build Long-Term Relationships With Your Clients

If you’re creating a service based business, obtaining new clients isn’t enough to achieve success. Instead, it’s important to build long-term relationships with those clients. Ivan Widjaya shares tips for doing so in this SMB CEO post.

Cultivate Workplace Creativity

Part of building a successful business and a positive environment for your team is creating a workspace that allows your employees to be creative. In this LivePlan post, Harriet Genever shares some tips for cultivating workplace creativity. And members of the BizSugar community weigh in on the post here.

Make Your Employees Happy

If you want to have happy customers, you need to also have happy employees. To learn more about making your employees happy, and thus improving your chances of succeeding in business, check out these tips from Bob Clark on the PI Consulting Group blog.

Act Like a Responsible Publisher to Succeed With Sponsored Content

Sponsored content is becoming a popular way for businesses to advertise their products or services online. But there’s a lot that goes into creating sponsored content that actually gets results. And advertisers need to realize that, according to this Content Marketing post by Adam Ross.

Increase Your Social Media Shares

If you want your social media strategy to be as successful as possible, you can’t do it alone. By creating relationships and conversations with others on social media, you can potentially increase your social media shares. This Social Media Examiner post by Tyler Thursby includes some tips. And you can see further discussion about the post over on BizSugar.

Manage Your Online Reputation With Social Media

You can’t always control what is posted about your business online. But there are some things, like your social media, that you can control. So you need to learn how to make the most of those accounts. In this MyBlogU post, Ann Smarty shares some tips and insights for doing just that.

Run an Awesome Hackathon for Your Remote Team

Hackathons can be great for fostering innovation within a company. And you can even utilize this method if you have a team that works remotely. This post by Aja Frost in the Redbooth blog explains how you can make it happen with your own team.

Determine Whether to Choose Email Marketing Versus Print Marketing

The way you communicate with customers can depend on the channel you choose. In this TwoFeetMarketing post, David Lowbridge discusses the difference between email marketing and print marketing. And the BizSugar community discussed the post further here.

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