10 Tips for Being an Entrepreneurial Rock Star

10 Tips for Being an Entrepreneurial Rock Star

Our community has been talking recently about the skills needed for entrepreneurs to excel. Some things change while others stay the same. But, to be an entrepreneurial rock star, you need to be aware of all the factors affecting your business. Here the Small Business Trends editorial team has assembled a Community News and Information Roundup with tips from top blogs and social networks to help you improve. Here they are:

Choose the Right Partners

(1851 Franchise Project)

Kelly Foley and Matt Wendl are more than just business partners. They have worked together in the past and have been family friends most of their lives. So the decision to partner on their first franchise opportunity might have seemed like a no-brainer. No one says you should limit your business partnership to lifelong friends. But choosing the right partners is critical. Read Foley and Wendl’s story.

Create Real Value in Your Marketing


In marketing as in business innovation, things are constantly in a state of flux. This means not long after something becomes cutting edge, it has become overdone. So it is with content marketing, argues brand expert David Burn. The key in your marketing, as in every other part of your business, is to provide real value. Burn gives one example that never seems to go out of fashion.

Focus on Creating a Great Culture for Your Business

(The NICE Reboot Book Blog)

Focusing on people rather than products or services and on culture rather than simply operations may seem counter intuitive to many small business owners. But entrepreneur, speaker and author Penina Rybak insists that’s the best way to create the business, product or service you really want. It’s also the best way to create a business that will really impact your customers. Read on as Rydak explains.

Push for Growth Even During Down Times

(Sage One Blog)

There are cycles in every business. And probably few escape the “summer slump.” With many clients on vacation, it can be difficult to initiate any new products and almost impossible to make new sales. But entrepreneur Lawton Ursrey has these tips for generating business even during down times. He also recommends taking advantage of slow seasons by doing some of the business growing activities you don’t have time for during the rest of the year. Here are the rest of Ursrey’s tips for surviving summer slump.

Master Twitter Best Practices


Twitter, like many other social media channels, is often discussed but not always well understood as it relates to marketing effectively. But there are some best practices that can be followed. Ralli Georgieva, marketing executive at IndigoVerge, has some suggestions to give you a more effective Twitter presence. Here are Georgieva’s tips and some further discussion in the BizSugar community.

Create a Great Community Around Your Product or Service

(The Social Hour)

Arguably any product or service can be duplicated by a competitor. Take Product Hunt, a sort of Reddit for new products as described by founder Ryan Hoover. As Hoover explains to Amber MacArthur in this interview, its the community, the audience that supports his website, that is difficult to replicate, not the technology itself. Develop a community of dedicated fans and customers for your product and it will be harder for competitors to enter your niche. Thanks to Martin Lindeskog for sharing this interview with Hoover and starting a conversation in the BizSugar community.

Learn to Tell Your Brand’s Story

(Digitial Marketing)

In this post, Jomer Gregorio, owner of the Digital Marketing website, explains some of the philosophy behind telling your brand’s story. Data tells us customers respond better to this approach than to other types of marketing. So entrepreneurial rock stars must get better at telling that story. Gregorio shares more about how brand storytelling works and takes part in some conversation on BizSugar as well.

Figure Out Your Web Hosting Options

(Great Circle Studios)

There aren’t many brands today that can survive or thrive without an effective Web presence. Hence you need to understand the basics of the Web hosting services you will need to make this Web presence a reality. Derek Hintz at Web Development firm Great Circles Studio gives us this overview. To avoid problems early on, here are the major myths and misconceptions about Web hosting you should know.

Stay On Top of the Changes in Web Search

(Ignite Visibility)

Understanding Web marketing these days means staying up with the constant changes at the search engines, in particular Google. For example, have you kept up with the recent algorithm changes affecting local search? They’re very important, especially to brick and mortar businesses and any other companies with a local focus. Here Mitchell Haw shares some details about the changes to local search and what they mean.

Be Prepared to Adjust Your Company for Growth


Certainly when you start your business, you try to anticipate all possible issues. This goes into even the structure and operating agreements that guide your company’s day-to-operations. But guess what? Plans change. And the circumstances of your business may change as well. The best entrepreneurs are prepared to adjust over time. Here columnist Cliff Ennico answers a question from one entrepreneur about changes that may need to happen in a company LLC operating agreement. Be prepared to have these discussions as your company evolves.

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