10 Tips for Changing Business Strategies During Times of Crisis

Changing Business

Pretty much everything in the business world is turned on its head right now. So entrepreneurs may have to adjust their strategies to make up for it. If you’re working on keeping your business afloat during this trying time, members of the online small business community may be able to help. Check out these tips for adjusting your business strategy during times of crisis.

Use Tactics to Market and Thrive Despite Troubled Times

Marketing a small business during a crisis can be tricky. So you may need to change up the tactics that you normally use. In this Bright Local post, Casey Meraz examines some of the best options to use specifically when you’re dealing with tricky situations.

Get Your Email Marketing Right

More specifically, your email marketing strategy may need some changes during this time. In this Content Marketing Institute post, Jodi Harris shares examples of brands that are getting it right so you can learn from their strategies.

Build Your Email List

No matter the circumstances, building a solid email list is always a good strategy for small businesses. But the tactics you use to get there can change over time. If you want to create an effective strategy in 2020, try the ideas in this GetResponse post by Irek Klimczak.

Learn How to Flourish as a Founder

Operating a business during a pandemic creates a lot of challenges. But it also provides a lot of opportunities for learning important lessons. In this Small Biz Daily post, Anjan Pathak offers some critical lessons that founders can take away from this situation.

Navigate Your New Normal

Navigating the business challenges related to a pandemic is one thing; the personal side comes with a whole different set of considerations. In this post on the Strella Social Media blog, Rachel Strella discusses some of the challenges and thoughts that have arisen, and how she’s navigating during this “new normal.” Members of the BizSugar community commented here.

Stay Up to Date on New Opportunities

For small businesses that have been hurt by the coronavirus pandemic, there are financing and relief opportunities available. But it’s up to you to research the options and apply for the ones that are right for you. This Acuity post by Matthew May includes tons of information about these opportunities.

Drive Business Goals Using Both SEO and PPC

SEO and PPC describe two separate marketing strategies. But they can complement one another if you decide to use both. Here’s a guide to making the most of these strategies to drive your business goals from Ronald Dod of Search Engine Land.

Try Unconventional Social Channels for B2B Marketing

Social media can be useful for both B2B and B2C businesses. But if you’re only marketing to other businesses, you may need to change up the specific platforms you use, rather than only relying on the most popular consumer driven ones. This TopRank Marketing post by Joshua Nit features some channels that may be especially useful for B2B businesses.

Rethink Your Communication Strategy for Remote Teams

So many small businesses are currently operating with remote teams, which means that daily communication has changed dramatically. If you’re still trying to employ the same strategies, it may be time to rethink. Learn more in this Biz Epic post by Ivan Widjaya.

Learn Leadership Lessons from Penguins

Sometimes, business lessons come in unexpected packages. For example, the way that penguins show leadership could be valuable to entrepreneurs who have to manage teams. Glean some important lessons in this post from David Leonhardt of The Happy Guy. Then head over to BizSugar to see what community members are saying.

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