10 Ways To Boost Your Business Overall This Year

boost your business

From improving sales, to perfecting your operations to better leveraging social media and more — there are many ways you could boost your business overall this year. Here in our Small Business Trends community news and information roundup are 10 ways you can get started.

Learn the Art of Psychological Pricing

(Maker Mogul)

As a small business owner, you probably use psychology more than you even realize. It’s important to understand how different people react to different products, visuals and prices. In this post, Mark Zhang suggests some psychological pricing tips that could actually increase sales.

Sell Your Online Products In Person

(In the Field)

It might seem like a weird concept to try selling your online products in person. But this post by Kaitlyn Stephens suggests that simply by getting to know people and talking to them about your business, you could increase your online sales down the road.

Make Your Website a Destination


You don’t want your business website to just be a boring place for you to store information. You want customers to actually want to visit. And in order to do that, you need to make it into a destination site. Here, Matt Humphreys offers some tips for making your site into a destination.

Develop an Interactive Marketing Plan

(DIY Marketers)

She may not have created a traditional paper marketing plan in quite some time. But Ivana Taylor of DIY Marketers admits she has developed an interactive plan many times over. The difference is the plan now exists in a flexible digital format. She does routine analysis to figure how markets have changed for herself and her clients using software to make tweaks where necessary. The BizSugar community discusses interactive marketing in more detail in the comment section.

Learn More About Your Social Media Following


In order generate website traffic using social media, you need to determine what is working and what isn’t. That means you should find out your biggest traffic sources and make better use of them. This post by Stuart J. Davidson offers some tips for doing just that. And the BizSugar community had some insights to offer as well.

Take Care of Your Business’s Core Functions

(StartUp Growth Expert)

Brand new businesses often don’t have as many team members and departments as more established businesses. But there are a few core functions that even new businesses need to have in place before launching. In this post, Granville Schmidt outlines three of those core functions.

Don’t Get Your Business Deleted from Facebook


Facebook can delete your business’s presence on the platform without warning if you go against its Terms of Service. This post by Paul Hutchinson goes over a few of the ways businesses might see their Facebook presence deleted, and how to avoid that fate while still reaching users on the site.

Learn to be a Better Business Leader

(James Durling)

Being a great leader takes more than just some analytical data. Leaders have to be able to get creative and communicate effectively. In this post, James Durling explains some of the ways people can utilize smart leadership methods in the workplace.

Identify the Issues that are Holding Your Business Back

(Website Rocket)

Sometimes it isn’t your product or the people that are holding your business back. Sometimes it’s the process. How do you promote your business? How do your products or services fit together (or fail to fit together) as a cohesive whole? How convenient do you make it for customers or clients to do business with you. Using one local restaurant as an example, Adam White, founder of Website Rocket, demonstrates how the smallest hiccups in process can kill your business.

Read Up to Improve as an Entrepreneur

(Biz Epic)

To be the best business owner you can be, you need to learn from the best. And there are a lot of great books and resources out there that can help you with your business. This post by Chad Stewart includes a list of the 10 best business books of the past year. And BizSugar members talked more about the list here.

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