The Mindset of a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, 12 Startup Success Secrets


The book 12 Startup Success Secrets is a masterclass in the strategies and mindset needed to overcome the challenges of creating and running a successful online Internet business.

12 Startup Success Secrets

Before he realized that what he actually wanted out of life was financial freedom and the perfect lifestyle, Eddie Yu (@Eddie_Yu) spent three years in the software industry.

Not wanting to spend the rest of his life working for other people, he gave up his job and set about the task of finding something that he could do for himself, and which would give him both the financial freedom and lifestyle that he desired.

Unsurprisingly, due to his previous background in the IT industry, after reading an article about online gambling and affiliate marketing, the author saw the possibilities that the Internet offered and set about the task of creating an online business of his own.

“12 Startup Success Secrets — Mindset and Strategies Workbook for Building a Successful Online Business” is aimed at anyone who aspires to, or is already attempting to achieve their own financial freedom by doing business online, whether it is through selling a product or by providing an online service.

The book passes on the lessons learned by the author during the 13 years that he has been building his own online businesses and it comes in the form of 12 chapters which each conclude with a useful workshop exercise where the reader is able to personalize the ideas that the author has put forward.

It’s All about Your Mindset

When you read “12 Startup Success Secrets,” you will quickly discover the philosophy of the author and how he believes that mindset is the most important attribute to achieve success. Determined to be successful in his endeavor to enter the world of doing business via the Internet, the author tells of how he researched and read everything he could lay his hands on to teach himself the skills that he would need to achieve success.

He talks about the importance of self-improvement by identifying the skills that you may be lacking and then investing in yourself through learning. Additionally, he points out that it needs to be something you are passionate about, otherwise you will generally fail.

He further mentions how it is necessary to make yourself accountable for your own actions, and that a good way to do this is by telling people close to you what it is that you intend to achieve. By doing so, you provide an added incentive to reach your goals as you will not want to be seen as a failure.

I Don’t Know What To Sell!

If after reading the first five chapters of “12 Startup Success Secrets,” you still believe that you have the passion, commitment and mindset it takes to become a successful online entrepreneur, you may wonder as I did what it is that you yourself may be able to sell online.

Chapters 6 and 7 provide the answers to that question as Yu gives a masterclass in the methods and techniques to use to identify an opportunity or gap in the market. Furthermore, he explains how to determine your own niche and explains how vital it is to be able to offer something that is unique or better than that offered by your competitors.

Whether your preference is to offer a service, sell products, or earn money through affiliate marketing or blogging, there are a host of great ideas and useful information to be gleaned.

As the author correctly points out, “where there is a complaint, there is a problem. Where there are problems, there are opportunities to find solutions to these problems.”

You Are Your Brand

The advances in technology, and particularly the opportunity to do business via the Internet have made doing business quite a faceless experience. As the author points out, we no longer need to meet clients face to face, and he warns that many unsuccessful entrepreneurs make the mistake of being invisible.

Yu describes all the communication methods that help to ensure that clients are able to put a face to a brand, and what a positive effect this will have on your business. He continues by stressing the importance of networking. Specifically, Yu explains the important to network with the right people — the leaders in your field, for example.  And he talks about the rewards this kind of networking can bring.


When given a review copy of “12 Startup Success Secrets,” I feared it would just be another rehash of how to be a successful entrepreneur.

However, the book proved to be nothing of the kind. And if you want to learn how to do business online, what it takes, and the pitfalls to avoid, you could do a lot worse than reading “12 Startup Success Secrets.”

This is an authoritative and comprehensive book written by someone who has been there and done it. Had I taken the opportunity to read such a book when owning and running my own businesses, I am sure I would have achieved far greater success.

About the Author

Eddie Yu is a lifestyle entrepreneur and the founder of private video logging plaform Mindlogr. He has created his own successful online businesses, and through his wealth of experience and success now additionally acts as a consultant and investor in many other business ventures. For more information about the author, check out his website

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