16 Productivity and Time Management Apps Entrepreneurs Can’t Live Without

When you’re an entrepreneur, time management and productivity are key to lasting success. However, finding the time to get everything done can seem overwhelming, especially with the packed to-do lists that come with running a business.

Fortunately, in today’s technology-forward landscape, many apps are available to help busy entrepreneurs make the most of their (limited) time. Below, Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC) leaders share their answers to the following question:

16 productivity and time management apps

“When it comes to productivity and time management, what is one app that you can’t live without? What features make it so useful?”

Here are a few of their best picks.

1. ClickUp

“I love ClickUp because it can do so much for me. It has a time tracker and gives me estimated times for each task, which keeps me on track. It also has many automated processes to help me not waste my time, and it’s customizable, so it can work for me as I grow the company. There are also goal settings, so I can manage my tasks to reach them. Finally, it monitors all my projects and related updates from my team.” ~ Baruch Labunski, Rank Secure

2. Asana

Asana is a team favorite for time management and communication. The biggest advantage of this app is that you can keep track of everything that has to do with a project in one place — no more chasing down files and searching for emails across different apps. You can message team members, create tasks and subtasks, leave comments, assign deadlines, attach files and track progress all in one place.” ~ Blair Thomas, eMerchantBroker

3. Todoist

“As someone who values productivity and time management, I absolutely can’t live without Todoist. This app has become my go-to task management companion thanks to its intuitive interface that makes creating and organizing to-do lists a breeze. With Todoist, I can set deadlines and prioritize tasks, and the timely reminders and notifications keep me on track.” ~ Jared Weitz, United Capital Source Inc.

4. Me+

Me+ is an app I love because it keeps me focused and productive. As someone who always seems to have ‘too many irons in the fire,’ I’ve been able to use this app to set goals, manage my time and track my personal and work tasks. Plus, its data analytics features can help me see areas where I excel and struggle. And when I hit milestones I’ve set for myself, I celebrate them!” ~ Bryce Welker, Crush The EA Exam

5. Calendly

“The Calendly app makes it really easy for my team and clients to schedule meetings with me. I’m able to sync all my calendars into the app, create different meeting lengths and types and configure rules on when people can add meetings to my calendar.” ~ Nanxi Liu, Blaze.tech

6. Trello

“One tool I like for productivity and time management is Trello. It is especially good when you’re working on projects with teams. Trello works well if you need to share files, set schedules, keep others informed on your progress, collaborate and stay on schedule. You can also connect it with other apps such as Slack or Google Docs.” ~ Kalin Kassabov, ProTexting

7. Evernote

Evernote is an older productivity app, but I still find it extremely helpful when organizing and taking detailed notes containing text, images, graphs and videos. The free version is great, but the premium plans come with integrations, templates and other tools that I feel make it a worthwhile investment.” ~ Chris Christoff, MonsterInsights

8. Structured

“I love the Structured app, which is only available on iOS. Structured allows you to ‘structure’ your day with customizable tasks, icons, time frames and placement options. For instance, you can put a note in the sidebar inbox if you want to remember something for later in the week. This tool helped me unlock the potential of time blocking while acting as a reminder app, and I highly recommend it.” ~ Daman Jeet Singh, FunnelKit

9. DeskTime

DeskTime is an app that puts me in the driver’s seat of my time management. It shows me exactly how I spend my work hours, allowing me to stay focused and mindful of my productivity. With its insightful reports and analytics, DeskTime gives me a clear picture of where my time goes throughout the day. I can see how much time I allocate to specific projects, websites or even individual tasks.” ~ Sujay Pawar, CartFlows

10. Google Keep

“One of the main advantages of Google Keep is its simplicity. The user-friendly interface allows you to create notes with ease, making it an ideal solution for quick and spontaneous note taking. Whether you need to jot down a brilliant idea, capture a snippet of information or make a to-do list, Google Keep is there. Syncing across devices saves so much time.” ~ Abhijeet Kaldate, Astra WordPress Theme

11. monday.com

“I must mention the importance of monday.com in our workflow. This platform has been essential in boosting productivity within our team. Its visual project management and team collaboration features make it easy to see the big picture at a glance. The customizable workflows allow us to tailor the tool to our specific needs, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page.” ~ Michelle Aran, Velvet Caviar

12. Time Doctor

“A productivity and time management app that’s been a lifesaver for me thus far is Time Doctor. The features that make the app so useful for me are time tracking and workflow management; they help me keep up with my to-do list and manage different projects effortlessly. Plus, the app’s activity tracking feature enables me to keep things on track and helps me cope with distractions.” ~ Stephanie Wells, Formidable Forms

13. Toggl Track

“A time tracking and productivity app that I prefer is Toggl Track. The app’s calendar view is so much better compared to its alternatives and facilitates hassle-free tracking of different tasks. But what makes the app really useful for me is the variety of third-party integrations it offers, as that helps me stay up to date with my schedule and deliverables without having to access multiple tabs.” ~ Chris Klosowski, Easy Digital Downloads

14. Forest

Forest is a delightful app that makes the Pomodoro technique even more engaging with its virtual tree planting and focus-tracking features. For anyone looking to manage time better and achieve more, this app can be a game-changer in helping you stay focused, beat procrastination and grow your very own digital forest of productivity!” ~ Pratik Chaskar, Spectra

15. Notion

Notion is the undisputed king of productivity tools. Its versatility and intuitive design create a personalized workspace for managing tasks, projects and notes all in one place. The seamless integration of files, calendars and databases makes it an indispensable hub for staying organized and productive. Notion is a game-changer in simplifying my daily workflow.” ~ Idan Waller, BlueThrone

16. MindNode

“I’m a big fan of an application called MindNode. Basically, this tool allows you to create mind maps for everything from marketing plans to weekly scheduling. One of the reasons I like this tool so much is that it’s super affordable (less than $3 a month) and comes with a ton of customization options for people who like making apps truly their own.” ~ John Turner, SeedProd LLC

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