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Target Marketing is In!

Awareness marketing is out. Target marketing is in. Especially for smaller businesses with limited marketing budgets.

Awareness marketing is when your main goal is to get the name of your product or business out there. So that it is on the tip of potential customers’ tongues. Awareness marketing is also known as “branding.”

Target marketing, however, is where you identify certain customer groups to achieve defined measurable goals. It’s where you use a rifle instead of a shotgun to get your message out.

If your organization’s marketing budget falls far south of the marketing budget of, say, General Motors or Home Depot, then target marketing is for you.

Target marketing is all about defining smaller groups of prospects and designing marketing approaches to appeal just to them. In target marketing, a “one size fits all” approach has no place. Instead, you must understand what makes the targets tick, craft a message to appeal just to that target group, and go after them.

Some target marketing approaches include:

– Send out rounds of low cost postcards

– Target lost or dissatisfied customers.

– Find underserved customers.