Employee Tracking Is Coming to Cell Phones

Ever wonder where one of your salespeople was — actually making a call or headed for the golf course? Well, for better or worse, soon you will probably be able to tell. There is a big-brother aspect to the whole affair, but the ability to monitor where employees carrying cell phones are and whether they are moving or sitting is on the way.

GPS technology is being built into cell phones in response to the U.S. government’s requirement that by late 2005 wireless carriers have the capability to locate callers who automatically dial 911.

The impact on businesses should prove interesting. Yes, knowing where a salesperson, repair tech, or other time-value employee can be found is tempting. But are you willing to deal with the ramifications regarding privacy and morale? Will you need to establish policies? And if your best salesperson regularly violates those policies, then what do you do?

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