Selling the Experience Not Just the Product

The Little Engine That Could is the greatest marketing book ever written according to Stuart Avery Gold, COO of Republic of Tea and author of Dragon Spirit: How to Self-Market Your Dream. For Gold, success and accomplishment are about how much you believe you can do something. Just like that Little Engine, if you think you can, you can.’s David Berkowitz interviews Gold on the subject of how to follow your dreams in business. Gold makes a distinction between an entrepreneur, a person who creates a business, and a zentrepreneur, a person who creates a business and a life. For Gold, it is impossible to reach any level of success unless you love what you do and believe in your ability to do it. It’s about passion.

Gold and Ron Rubin, CEO of Republic of Tea, took a 5,000-year-old beverage and brewed a successful business and way of life from it by following their passion. They created the Republic to foster, a “Tea Revolution that will enrich the lives of our Citizens through the Sip by Sip life — a life of health, balance and well-being.”

Clever packaging of their product, website, and philosophy has helped make the little Republic of Tea canisters hop off shelves of upscale shops.

At the Republic, they stress the importance of responding to the less tangible needs of employees and customers. They see themselves as part of the developing trend of selling an experience along with a product. For Gold and Rubin, the experience is at least as important as the actual hard product.

Read the entire interview with Stuart Avery Gold in which he talks about how to successfully take a business to market without spending big bucks on marketing and advertising, or visit the Republic of Tea.

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  1. You know, I was just going to write a blog post about selling the experience, not just the product.

    One quick type into google and here is this article, written a whole three years earlier. I had better get with the times…

    – Mason