Wireless LAN Primer for Small Business

As a companion to our previous post on Wireless LAN trends, we also offer this link to Wireless Local Area Networks for Small Businesses: A Primer.

For many small businesses, wireless computer networks can be extremely confusing. With terms like “WiFi” and “802.11g” bandied about, a small business owner can find it a challenge to sort it all out.

The Primer takes this complicated, jargon-filled subject and makes it easy to understand for small businesses contemplating a wireless network. It explains wireless LANs in everyday language.

Acknowledgement goes to the authors, Paramjit Kahai, Assistant Professor at the University of Akron, and Simran Kahai, Assistant Professor at John Carroll University, who are our guest writers. With wireless networks being a sizzling hot topic in the small business market today, we thank them for making the Primer available to Small Business Trends readers.

This is the first in a series of articles the Kahai’s will be publishing. This first article starts by simply explaining the basics in a readable fashion. Subsequent articles will address advantages of wireless LANs for small businesses, and how security vulnerabilities have been overcome.

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