More Top Ten Internet Trends

Following on yesterday’s post about the Wall Street Journal’s top Internet trends, we thought it would be interesting to show another list of top trends, this time by the Web Talk Guys.

Here’s what the Web Talk Guys see as the top trends in the Internet right now:

    1. The decline of the web browser usage on the desktop as a way to get to web content

2. The growth of Internet applications – the executable Internet

3. All things wireless will proliferate

4. Digital media enters the living room

5. Professional journalistic weblogs are syndicated through RSS

6. Microsoft mobile platforms

7. Voice over IP (VoIP) makes mainstream calls

8. Internet radio growth and revenue

9. Online search extends beyond web into book extracts and other deep databases

10. How online popularity is creating world wide celebrities

The full article can be read here.

While there is some overlap with the Wall Street Journal’s list, there are considerable differences, too. Why the differences? Well, we think it has to do with the perspective from which each publication views the Internet.

The Wall Street Journal views it from the perspective of businesses and the impact of the Internet on the business world. The Web Talk Guys view it from more of a technical perspective, and the way the individual interacts with the Internet.

We agree with some of the Web Talk Guys’ top trends. Numbers 3, 4, 5 and 9 stand out especially. But… growth of Internet radio as one of the “top” trends in 2004?????

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