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Optimizing Your Google Personality

A few months ago I posted an article over at Blogcritics about “Google numbers.” The post was rather popular so I thought I would post it here for readers of Small Business Trends. Here it is, along with an additional quote I’ve attached at the end from Faith Popcorn:

Do you know your Google number? Better yet, how big is your Google number?

Your Google number is literally the number of times your name pops up in the Google search results. But, that number has taken on greater significance. To some, it means you are a thought leader, an influential person, an expert — maybe even famous.

Having a high Google number is becoming a matter of competition in some circles. Here’s what colleague Valdis Krebs [1] has to say about it in an article he wrote in HR.com:

Faith Popcorn, the trend expert and futurist, predicts that 2004 will be the year in which people actually start optimizing their Google personas: “Google has created the concept of the “Public Resume” — a new kind of pervasive, email-able DigiTruth. Now that everybody can know everything about almost anyone, an industry will soon evolve to help you manage that public persona-creating the perfect online profile, optimizing your own Google search, giving us control over our digitized public identities.”