Broadband Use Rises to New Highs

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Fifty-five percent of all adult American Internet users (34% of all adult Americans) have access to a high-speed, broadband connection either at home or on the job, according to a report from the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Those numbers translate into 68 million adult Americans logging on via broadband.

Forty-eight million (39% of adult users) have broadband at home. That is an increase of 60% in the twelve months ending February 29.

Pew attributes much of this increase to, “A surge in subscription to DSL high-speed Internet connections, which has more than doubled since March 2003.” The report cites impatience with dial-up connections as playing a larger role in making the home-adoption decision than price of service.

Those with broadband access make greater use of the Internet. A February 2004 tracking survey from Pew identified 18 different Internet activities. The average broadband user has tried nine of those activities and will do four of them on a typical day. Dial-up users have tried seven and engage in three on average. On any given day, 69% of broadband users go online as compared to 51% of dial-up users.

Broadband users are far more likely to log on using a wireless device. On the average day, 11% of broadband users go online with a wireless device as opposed to 3% of dial-up users.

Home networks are more popular with broadband users. One-third of all broadband users have networks at home. Only 6% of dial-up users do.

Read the full report.

This dramatic broadband growth emphasizes the need for businesses to stake out their Internet space. With so many turning to the Web to find information and for other purposes, it behooves companies wanting to deliver a marketing message to take the Internet into their plans at an increasing higher level, especially as greater access speed drives time spent on the Internet to new highs.

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