Online Training Works for Retail

Training is a tough issue for smaller retailers. Good training programs are expensive to develop. Taking people off the floor to train them is hard to do. Space in which to conduct training is hard to find.

For larger retail enterprises, some of these problems are more easily overcome, but not all. That’s part of the reason that retailing giants like Nike and Best Buy have integrated online learning with their traditional employee training practices. Nike points to a 2% increase in sales since it started using online training. Best Buy has developed special online learning segments for slow-moving products that it credits for helping increase sales by as much as 20%. With numbers like that look for online retail training to become a growing trend.

This data and more is included in a $349-report from Forrester, Retailers Adopt eLearning to Groom Smarter Store Associates.

Savvy retailers will pay attention to the cost savings the online training programs can deliver over traditional training. Well trained sales-floor personnel can dramatically improve revenues and customer satisfaction. Online training lets employees be trained at a computer in a backroom or from their homes. Online delivery of training can make it much easier to update an employee’s knowledge base. For small retailers with more than one store, online is a fast way to deliver new product info and sales techniques to all employees at the same time.

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  1. how i can be a good retail banking ?
    specially in qatar banks
    thank you

  2. The web site,, includes some online training for retail managers and associates that would be suitable for a smaller business.

  3. OSHA training is one of the types of e-learning that has really taken off. A person may receive their OSHA 10 or 30 hour training card by taking their online OSHA 10 hour training and 30 hour training courses at sites like or at . They receive quality training accepted by OSHA for online delivery, and receive the same exact OSHA wallet card as if they took the course live. This has really opened the door for many companies who could not justify an on site class due to cost or logistical challenges, and has really helped out individuals who wanted the OSHA training just for themselves. Very economical when compared to on site OSHA training, too.