Change as Marketing Opportunity

Confronting Change is the title of an interesting and opinionated article Andrew Carton posted recently on his blog Alteraxion. He talks about the need to see change as “a quest for opportunities” as opposed to responding actively to it as a threat. Carton isn’t alone in this view of change. Seth Godin, for one has made a career out of telling people to embrace change and then advising them on how to do it.

Carton’s post is a call for all in the business world to wake up to the need to embrace change and seek opportunities. He rails at CEOs and politicians with their “heads buried deep in the sand” as they refuse to see change and opportunity as two sides of the same coin.

There is a lot of talk about change, change agents, evolution, and opportunity in entrepreneurship and small business. It’s probably getting to the point where the acceptance of change as a positive can be identified as a trend. Those who sell in the small business marketplace might do well to examine their strategies, tactics, and offerings in the light of change acceptance as a developing trend. They might find that it’s an opportunity to pursue.

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