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Lip-Sticking is a fun and useful blog that is full of personality. As the title says, the site is all about “Smart Marketing to Women Online.”

This blog is run by one really savvy woman, Yvonne DiVita. Yvonne is a business and technology writer who blogs from Rochester in the Fingerlakes region of New York, across the Great Lakes from Toronto, Canada.

Lip-Sticking helps businesses online market successfully to women. Yvonne combines technology knowledge with the ability to write — and wow does she write! She is the author of Dickless Marketing: Smart Marketing to Women Online.

Yvonne told me that she started the blog at the urging of her fiance, who also has a blog.

Like many business bloggers, at first she had reservations about blogging. It seemed like a tremendous amount of work for little return. But now she has a different view. Yvonne became  convinced of blogging’s business value.

Blogging has brought her new clients and new business. And the return on investment has been a speedy one. Yvonne says the blog has brought recognition and opportunity faster than any other marketing tool she’s ever used.

What I like best about Lip-Sticking is the way Yvonne speaks in her own true voice. Often she uses an alter ego, Jane, to give tips and insider tricks about marketing to women online. As Yvonne says:

“Shopping online is so different than shopping offline that if a business owner doesn’t take the time to learn and understand those differences, it could spell disaster for her or him. Women LIKE shopping in general, and it’s natural for them to adopt shopping online for convenience and savings. To understand how that works — what the women like and don’t like — as well as how shopping online works in general, is what I write about. I’m proud of the fact that my blog provides research and statistics to show ecommerce businesses how to get the right message to the right person, via the right medium.”

The Power: The Power of the Lip-Sticking blog is in the way it focuses on a niche — marketing to women online — and does it so well. This blog is full of valuable tips and tricks of the trade. It is a must-read on any business-blog blogroll.

Since publishing this review, Yvonne and her finance have gotten married. They’ve made two cross country moves.  And they started the uber-successful Blow Paws pet blogging / community / conference.

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