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Small Businesses Are Going Global

GlobeTrade.com [1] is an organization dedicated to helping small businesses go global in their search for markets.

We recently asked Laurel Delaney, GlobeTrade.com’s Founder and CEO, to share her thoughts about key trends in small business globalization. Here is what Laurel had to say:

small businesses going global

The World is Your Oyster –

Even more interesting is the fact that a mere 10% of small businesses are exporting. Obviously, there is plenty of room for more small businesses to get their share of global markets.

Which small businesses are doing the most exporting today? They fall into three categories:

Laurel Delaney has more than 20 years’ experience in global trade. She is CEO of Global Trade.com and the author of “Start and Run a Profitable Exporting Business.” Download a copy of GlobeTrade.com’s free whitepaper “The World is Your Market: Small Businesses Gear up for Globalization.”