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Advertising Trend Requires Gritty Truth

Roy H. Williams, founder of the Wizard of Ads Academy, says that the nature of advertising will change in the United States over the next five years. And it is all being driven by demographic changes.

The generation following the Baby Boomers and ascending into consumer prominence now, has a different view of themselves and what they value. They have a “quiet demand for gritty truth.”

As a result, expect traditional advertising to be less effective in the future. His advice to businesses? Be more real and genuine in your approach to advertising:

“Focus less on instant-response, promotional advertising and become the store customers think of immediately when they need what you sell. The new trend in advertising is away from hype and romanticism and more toward facts and truth.”

Excerpted from Michele Miller’s WonderBranding blog [1], where she reproduces the entire article here.