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You’ve seen the ads — maybe even gotten an email or two: “Free Cash Grants.” Ever wonder if those programs are worthwhile?

Well, Deborah’s Proposal Writing Blog says “don’t waste your time.”

And that advice is just one of many good reasons to read this blog.
“Deborah” is Deborah Kluge. And she is a professional proposal writer. If your company is responding to a Federal or State Request for Proposal (RFP) for a government contracting opportunity or applying for a grant, for instance, her business can step in and write the proposal.

Deborah began blogging back in July, and sees providing information that is not easy to find elsewhere, as a primary goal of the blog.

The blog is an integral part of Deborah’s overall web presence, but has a personality all its own.

On her commercial website she has a tremendous amount of useful content. There are FAQs and comprehensive sections on a variety of topics. The website includes sections on proposal pointers, doing business with the government, and government loans. There’s even a really useful Proposal Writing Checklist.

The blog is juxtaposed with Deborah’s commercial website in an interesting way. She uses the blog in a more conversational, story-telling style. The conversational style and the stories help emphasize the lessons very clearly and memorably. This post, on debriefing, is an example of Deborah’s story telling and instructive posts:

“Today was a sad day for one of my long-time clients. She received a letter from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) which said that another firm had been awarded a contract for which she had submitted a bid way back in March (yes, it took that long for the contract to be awarded). My client was pretty sure that she had won this contract — the government auditors had paid her a visit and reviewed her books, she had done well during oral discussions, and she had a sense of “good vibrations” in subsequent discussions with the Contracting Officer. But alas, it was not to be. She came in second.

So she has requested a formal debriefing on her proposal from CDC. The Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR) which governs contracting procedures for the federal government, provides a mechanism for such debriefings. Basically, if you lose a contract, you can request a debriefing. ….”

Deborah blogs from Columbia, Maryland, USA, between Baltimore and Washington, DC.

The Power: Between Deborah’s Proposal Writing Blog and her commercial website, you’ll find an awesome volume of great content. That is one of the shining stars of this blog — difficult-to-find content that is incredibly useful and made all the more convenient because it can be found in one place.

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  1. Sometimes the confidence of thinking that you are going to win the contract can deviate away from actually analyzing the source selection criteria and the weight in each sub factor. I find that oftentimes the contractor falls short of telling the government HOW it will resolve the problem. This sometimes means describing the amount of skill sets need to perform a construction contract. Although these may seem minor, successful bidders gain the edge during the competitive range evaluations.

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