The Promise of Earning Revenue from Blogs

Valdis Krebs (or as he is warmly known to his friends, “Valdis Who-needs-a-blog-when-everyone-blogs-about-me Krebs”) sent me this link to a downloadable Morgan Stanley report about the future potential of blogs and RSS.

Authored by analyst Mary Meeker (remember from the dotcom days?), the report predicts among other things, that:

  • Internet usage will continue to grow by 20-30% annually for the next few years
  • Monetization of the Internet will grow at an even faster rate, at 30+%
  • RSS holds the promise of allowing smaller Web publishers, especially weblogs, to make money, through inserting relevant ads in RSS feeds
  • Yahoo has the potential to become the central syndicator for weblogs’ RSS feeds, in effect becoming the modern day equivalent of the Associated Press, especially if it were to share a portion of the ad revenue from ads inserted in RSS feeds.

If you want to see an example of inserting relevant and useful contextual ads in RSS feeds, go check out some of the blogs that are part of the Creative Weblogging group, such as TJ’s Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship blog, which contains relevant links to market research reports.

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