Carnival of the Capitalists Goes XTreme

Carnival of the Capitalists, that weekly business event that travels from blog to blog, has now arrived at XTreme for the week of December 20th. Marshall worked till the wee hours of the morning putting together a superb Carnival master post.

Carnival of the Capitalists showcases business articles from a variety of excellent sites. You can put your finger on the pulse of what people are really thinking. This is stuff you won’t find in major media.

All the entries look intriguing and well worth reading, as usual. My particular favorites this week are:

  • Yvonne Divita’s ideas about marketing to women, with some interesting insights along the way about “the rise of the entrepreneurial class.”
  • The SMB TrendWire post (a joint effort by Steve Rucinski and me) containing a 45-minute audio recording of Dr. Jeff Cornwall discussing the Five Entrepreneurial Myths. This one’s a tad unusual, and as far as we know the first audio post to Carnival, but please set aside the time to listen — it’s worth it.

Next week, December 27, 2004, Carnival will be over at Dane Carlson’s Business Opportunities blog.

If you would like to submit an article or become a host, visit the Carnival home page for more information. Thanks to, there is now a handy Carnival submission form for submitting entries. It really does speed up the submission process.

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Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder, CEO and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses.

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