Business And Legal Article Roundups

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Get some “on the ground” insights into business and legal issues from the blogosphere. Find out what people are really thinking. Head on over to two roundup events:

  • This week’s edition of Carnival of the Capitalists is now appearing over at Incite. Lots of fine articles — check out Barry Ritholz’s article on petroleum prices. (And by the way, did you know that Barry is a noted markets and economic commentator? I catch him occasionally on CNBC.)
  • A roundup of legal articles, called the Blawg Review, is now appearing over at Law and Entrepreneurship News. Don’t let the word “legal” put you off. Quite a number of the articles are at the intersection between business and legal issues. For more information, visit the Blawg Review site.

I will be hosting the Blawg Review next January. Thanks to the Businesspundit for recommending me. It’s quite an honor as a business blog to be asked to host a legal roundup. Kevin Heller and Evan Schaeffer, the Blawg Review organizers, are wise to look for cross-pollination with the business community. More communication between the business and legal communities is a good thing.

On an unrelated note… not only will I be hosting the Blawg Review, but I have been nominated for Supreme Court of the Blogosphere by Jeremy Wright. Who’d have guessed?

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