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Read all the PowerBlog ReviewsEditor’s note: We’re back once again with the sixty-eighth in our regular weekly series of PowerBlog Reviews of business weblogs. This week’s review is being guest-blogged by Lynne Meyer,APR, is president of A Way with Words.

So many blogs, so little time
By Lynne Meyer

There are thousands millions of blogs out there. No way can you keep up and sort out the ones you are interested in and the ones you are not. Blog explosion = brain implosion.

That’s why Blogging About Incredible Blogs by Ken Leebow is such a great find. Here’s what Scripps News Service says about this blog:

“It’s the era of the blog on the World Wide Web. In fact, there are so many of them, it’s nearly impossible to find the best blogs on your own. Ken Leebow tries to do that with his site at www.incredibleblogs.com. He links to blog journals dealing with anything and everything. If you want to know where you might find the best blogs on the Web, or what makes a good blog, this is the place to start.”

Ken heads up his own book publishing company and has authored a book that’s a compendium of incredible web sites. He thought about authoring a similar book about incredible blogs. Instead, however, he decided to do it in — what else? — a blog format.

“Since I’ve been in the technology world for more than 25 years,” he explains, “I simplify technology for the general public. I review technology and trends and assess their long-term visibility. I take out the hype — and there’s lots with blogs — and report the real meat to my readers. My main goal now is to be a blog expert and simplify blogging for the uninitiated, and also provide some information for experienced bloggers.”

Here’s a good tip for small business owners with blogs who want to elevate their profile by giving speeches. In addition to operating his own publishing company and writing books, Ken is a speaker. He has used his blog well to promote his speaking business. “One of my reasons for having a blog is to increase these opportunities,” he says. “Over the past five months, I have landed 12 speaking engagements as a direct result of my blogging efforts.”

Brevity and links. These are the two elements I like best about Ken’s blog. Ken does not make you wade through a lot of blather. He provides just a quick paragraph or two of his own comments regarding someone’s blog and then gives you the blog link. Straight forward. To the point.

Is there an expert in your field? Why not include his or her link in your blog as a service to you colleagues in the field as well as general readers? One neat business link Ken offers is The Tom Peters Wire Service. In a May 17, 2005 post Ken says of the service, “At this blog,” says Ken, “Tom Peters filters out tons of clutter and feeds you interesting articles that appear in major publications.”

Bottom line? You’ll want to read Ken’s terrific Blogging About Incredible Blogs regularly!

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