Deciphering the High-Growth Startup Landscape in China

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If you want to find out what’s happening with technology startups in China and the venture capital scene there, I’ve found a promising resource: China Venture News.

And the best part? The site delivers context and perspective, without inundating the reader with too much detail or fragmented news stories. In other words, you can see the big picture, not just a lot of detail that’s impossible for the distant follower (like me) to assimilate.

For instance, a few of the themes I was able to pick up just by reading the first few weeks of posts include these:

  • China still is not as innovative a culture as it needs to be or some would like it to be, although it is improving steadily.
  • Venture capital money is flowing from the West (especially Silicon Valley) and although foreign investment is welcome, “China still struggles with a comprehensive legal and regulatory structure for the growth-oriented venture capital sector.”
  • China’s domestic venture capital industry is not very robust but is growing at a rapid pace.

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