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Read all the PowerBlog ReviewsEditor’s note: Welcome to the eighty-third in our regular weekly series of PowerBlog Reviews. This week’s review is being guest-blogged by Lynne Meyer. For a long time now we’ve wanted to review one of the stock trading blogs — they are fast-moving, highly opinionated, and colorful. While we don’t necessarily agree with all the viewpoints expressed in the following blog, and we by no means endorse any particular investment discussed in it, we respect it for being a powerful blog in many ways.

By Lynne Meyer

Roberto Pedone is an independent trader in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. Through five to ten daily postings to his blog — Roberto’s Nasdaq Trader — he provides an abundance of stock market investing information on numerous fronts.

“I started blogging last October to share my trading experiences with the public,” he explains. “My main goal is to inform people about the stock market and trading. Readers can see what I do right and what I do wrong in trading. As traders, we learn more from our mistakes, and my blog is a good place to learn about how to trade the markets.”

Day trading isn’t for those who are faint of heart or risk adverse. It’s an extremely complex and demanding profession.

To be successful, independent traders must stay on top of global economic trends and understand sophisticated research and analysis in many different arenas. Roberto scours an amazing number of news sources, sharing information with readers and also using it to illustrate and explain his own trading decisions.

Since trading is technical by nature, Roberto’s devoted readers are those individuals who are really interested in this kind of in-depth Bulls and Bears information about economic developments, stocks and investing. He addresses a multitude of topics — everything from the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy, bonds and hedge funds, housing starts, and retail trends, to layoff announcements, Wall Street rumors, technology and domestic and international political situations and how they affect the markets.

Roberto really mixes it up in terms of the topics and length of his numerous daily postings. Some are just one sentence, in which he reports a buy or a sell he made or a quick tip or recommendation. Lengthier posts report on crude oil prices, targets on gold, a military build up in China, problems in the pharmaceutical industry, Japan’s economic woes, and what some of the Big Boys in investing — Warren Buffett and T. Boone Pickens — are up to. His posts are really his running commentary on what he sees out in the market.

But wait — there’s more! Roberto provides links galore in his blog as an additional source of information. His posts are peppered with charts supporting his analyses. Posts regularly are infused with raw energy and enthusiasm, like this one from an August post entitled Crude Chart:

“Take a look at this chart and I want to highlight the huge monster spike in open interest in crude contracts. We will see some powerful moves in the crude markets in the coming weeks as the speculators are really getting active. MAN IT’S FUN!!”

Very few businesses that I know show as much energy and enthusiasm around their work in their blogs. Perhaps more of them should.

In summary, Roberto does an admirable job gathering, distilling and presenting large volumes of information around stock trading. Whether you are interested in the high-flying world of independent trading, or whether you simply want to become better informed about markets and stock prices, make Roberto’s blog — Nasdaq Trader — your first stop.

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