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UK to Go Bonkers for Business Blogs?

It’s been a long time coming, but this week sees a couple of interesting developments with regards to business blogging in the UK.

Today sees BBC Radio 4’s Shop Talk [1] dedicate a full half hour to business blogging and even dares to pick the brains of a couple of small business bloggers on the programme – Thomas Mahon of English Cut [2] and Heather Platts of The Soap Blog. (Don’t worry about missing the original broadcast as you can always listen to it again at a later date.)

Then, if you’re so inclined, you can trot along to the Our Social World conference in Cambridge this coming Friday to gain a deeper insight of those new-fangled methods that enable you to communicate your business more effectively online.

Whilst business blogging has been embraced by some of the broadsheets, it hasn’t received any real interest from the broadcast media and hasn’t been the primary focus of a conference thus far.

Now I have a theory or three as to why we’re dragging our feet over in the UK, but I’d be far more interested to hear your thoughts.