CNET Announces Blog 100 List

CNET has published its first Blog 100 list:

“With more than 14 million blogs in existence and another 80,000 being created each day, how is a person supposed to find the ones worth reading?

That is the question CNET is attempting to answer with our first Blog 100 list. This effort adds to features such as Blogs, Extra, My News, TalkBack, Newsburst, and Blogma, in which editors and reporters are helping find the best news and views on the Web for the convenience of our readers.

Blogs have become an important source of information, but the signal-to-noise ratio makes it hard to find the gems. In our pursuit, we spent weeks checking out technology-oriented blogs based on the recommendations from our reporters and readers.”

I am honored to say that one of my other blogs, the RFID Weblog, made the list. Thank you, CNET!

Most people who read this blog are surprised to learn that I also write a blog about radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. The subject matter is so “niche” that I usually don’t think it is of interest to those who follow the small business market and so I rarely mention it here. Occasionally I will run a small button or banner over here for the RFID Weblog, but half the time I don’t even have a link in my blogroll. Anyway, if you are interested in learning about new technologies like RFID, by all means please go have a look.

One final word: there are tons of great technology blogs out there — obviously more than a Top 100 list can ever recognize. My advice to all bloggers is to “keep on bloggin’.” Remember that most of the bloggers on such lists work at it several hours a day over a period of years. A few even do it full time. If you stick with your blogging, and engage with other bloggers, eventually you will be recognized for the great job you do.

More than just being a vanity list, what the Blog 100 does is to validate the importance of blogs generally as playing a legitimate role in the dissemination of news and views. And that is a good thing for everyone.

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