Excel Now in Color

In yesterday’s post I reviewed the results of an AMI Partners study showing that over half of small businesses do not use any kind of accounting software. Instead, many just use Excel spreadsheets.

Well for all the small businesses still using Excel to manage their books, here is some good news: Microsoft is working on a new version.

Excel in color

The new version of Excel will feature color:

“The team developing the next version of Microsoft Excel want you to know all about it. The Excel team has set up a blog to document some of the features that are going to be available in the next version of Excel, for now codenamed ‘Excel 12’. One of the more promising features looks to be the introduction of ‘colour scales’ to shade particular cells according to their value. For instance, in the example shown, the higher numbered cells are shaded in green tones, mediate numbered cells in yellow, and lower numbered in red. Instead of analyzing the numbers to get an idea of what your spreadsheet is telling you, now you will only need to look at the colors it is showing you. This definitely makes extracting data and trends from a spreadsheet a lot easier.”

Via Real Tech News.

With this new version of Excel, some small businesses may just decide not to move away from their spreadsheets for a while longer.

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