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Technology Startups Using Zero Cash

The price of web hosting, software and other technology has been steadily going down for years. In light of that, could it be possible to build a profitable online business with zero cash outlay?

Jennifer Laycock, the Editor of Search Engine Guide [1], is going to try to create a profitable online business with no cash [2] at all, over the next 30 days. She writes:

The idea is to try to setup some type of business in my free time and see if I can start to turn a profit in a 30 day period. That shouldn’t be too hard, since I’m also going to limit myself to spending zero cash out of pocket. That means that any sales at all will be profit.

I plan to outline all of the steps that I take over this 30 day period so that readers can find out what worked, what didn’t, and maybe get some ideas to try with their own sites. The point I need to make again is the lack of money involved here. There’s a big difference between what someone can do with cash to pay for hosting, for marketing, for web analysis and so on. I’ll be working without many of those advantages, using only what I can get for free.

The first 3 days of Jennifer’s experiment are fascinating, and quite an instructive business experiment.

She is following tried and true business guidelines needed to run a small business successfully today, including:

You can find the entire series of Jennifer Laycock’s articles at Search Engine Guide [3].