The Tinbasher Bashes Scams

The Tinbasher has a sweet new look — and more humorous posts.

The Tinbasher, in case you have not run into it yet, is one of the most famous business blogs in the U.K. When I was doing my PowerBlog Review series, back in the day, I reviewed Tinbasher as one of the 86 small business blogs in the series. Read the review here.

I’ve met Paul Woodhouse who runs the Tinbasher a couple of times when he was over here in Ohio — a funny and interesting guy. Using grassroots marketing and some creativity — not to mention a colorful writing style — he built up the Tinbasher blog with essentially zero marketing budget, and garnered a higher online profile for the family business.

Don’t miss his post about Jesus Found in Sheet Metal (and then obviously sold), which takes off on people selling items of dubious authenticity on eBay.

Paul says he’s still working out a few issues with the new design, but so far it looks great. I like it — it’s different.

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