Advice on How to Fight Site Plagiarism

Thanks to all of you who weighed in with helpful advice about how to fight plagiarism of my site, as per my last post. See the comments there for all of the advice, including useful links.

The copycat site has apparently been taken down — at least for now. I simply will have to monitor it and apparently the entire World Wide Web for future copycatting instances — part of the cost of doing business on the Web today.

The copycat site had no contact information listed, such as an email address. Nor did the comments feature on the copycat site work. Every time I tried to leave a comment, I got an error.

However, writing a post linking to the copycat site (with a nofollow tag) got their attention in less than a day.

I had suggested that someone should write a tutorial for small-business Website owners about how to fight site plagiarism. Kevin at the TechMBA team did precisely that in a post entitled “Copyright and Blogs,” which you may wish to check out.


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  1. Also, two other anti-plagiarism resources I’d like to recommend are Dan Richard’s post on stopping copyright infringement:

    And (in a bid at shameless self-promotion) my own site:

    Both have excellent guides that can be used by non-legal types.

  2. Anita,
    Thank you for your post and thanks to you and your commenters for all the links. My boss just blogged about it here
    and you gave me a great reply for him. 🙂