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Note: Podcasts are suddenly red hot again in 2019, what with the advent of voice search.

But did you know that they were once hot more than a decade ago?  Yes, it’s true.  The introduction of Apple’s iPod and iTunes was a revolutionary way to listen to audio.

We were pioneers in podcasting way back in 2005 and 2006.  We did a weekly podcast where we interviewed small business owners, experts and movers and shakers.

I can still remember the tiny little iPod Nano we figured out how to use. It was so small!  And I got the first generation iPod Touch. It still works today, although it’s the only version without Bluetooth.

Of course, these days, most people just use a wireless speaker to listen to audio.  Or they use their phones on the go. In most ways the phone has become the all purpose device.

With that historical perspective, here is a blast from the past — from 13 years ago.

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The April numbers are in for the top five downloads of Small Business Trends Radio podcasts. The following archived radio shows were the most popular downloads for April 2006 from our podcast site, SMB Trendwire:

Hiring New Employees – The Technology They Need
Guest: Michael Dees of Esecurity-Direct
Michael Dees explains how to choose and acquire technology for new employees.

How to Start a Business With No Money
Guest: Gary Schoeniger of
Gary Schoeniger started a business dead broke with a borrowed ladder. Soon he had a multi-million dollar business.

Master the Random Business Encounter
Guest: David Lorenzo of Career
Sometimes a chance meeting can lead to snagging a big client or an important deal.

Building a Successful Online Forum – a Case Study
Guest: Lee Dodd of Zydeca Media.
Do you know what an online forum is? How would you use one for your business? Learn this and more.

Avoiding the Top 10 Online Marketing Mistakes
Guest: Jim Kukral of
Jim says “Tell me you didn’t buy that $99 offer to get a top Google listing — it does not work!” Listen and learn.

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