The Call of the Entrepreneur Movie

The Acton Institute will be releasing a one-hour documentary film this spring, called “The Call of the Entrepreneur.” It’s about the beauty, mystery and power of entrepreneurship.

I have not seen the movie, but I did find this 4-minute trailer for the film on the Acton Institute website YouTube, and it is uplifting.

There are some powerful quotes in the film — to inspire you:

  • “Without the entrepreneur, economies are barren. They are dead.” — George Gilder, Author of Wealth and Poverty.
  • “I learned risk without knowing it is risk. Taking risk is actually dashing into hope. You’re just dashing into the future and hoping that it’s going to be better.” — Jimmy Lai, Hong Kong entrepreneur.
  • “You put your butt in the corner, you’d be surprised what you can achieve.” — Brad Morgan, Morgan Composting.
  • “Sometimes they’re the most common resources that we walk over, that we ignore, that we even are perhaps repulsed by, that become the source of wealth, the source of jobs, the source of prosperity.” — Rev. Sirico, President of the Acton Institute.
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  1. This video makes you feel like an entrepreneur is a higher calling.

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