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Doing Business Securely Outside of the Office

Whether going to a coffee shop for meetings or a change of scenery, or out and about visiting clients, or traveling to a seminar or convention — often we carry with us mobile gear such as laptops, Blackberries or Treos. That means we end up with security concerns for two sets of equipment: our computers we use while in the office and all the mobile gear we use outside the office.

Success Magazine brought three of us together last week for a panel discussion, produced by PodTech [1], on this very topic:

Mobile technology isn’t just cool; it’s essential for today’s small business. Our experts separate the hype from the hard truth when it comes to getting business done securely on the road.

My esteemed co-panelists were Jeff Zbar of Chief Home Officer [2] and Pamela Baker, a technology writer for Success Magazine [3].