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What Disaster Recovery Plan?

Office Depot's Guide to Disaster Recovery PlansDo you have a disaster recovery plan for your business?

Uh huh. You’re probably just like 71% of small business owners — you don’t have one.

It might seem intimidating to put one together. I remember working on the mother of all disaster recovery plans in my corporate days. It felt like we were writing the sequel to War and Peace. But a disaster recovery plan doesn’t have to be that involved.

Office Depot has a guide for preparing a disaster recovery plan for smaller enterprises. It seems practical — not too complicated. The guide covers points such as keeping lists of vendors, having a supply of forms you use in your business available off-site, and backing up data.

As you are putting together a disaster recovery plan, keep in mind one of today’s important trends: online backup services. They back up your data continuously AND they store a copy of your computer files offsite. That way, if there is a fire or flood, you can recover your files almost instantly. And they are cost effective. Prices start at around $50 a year. I’ve heard good recommendations about Carbonite [1] and Mozy [2], two such services.

Read the Office Depot guide to get started on your disaster recovery plan:
Expecting the Unexpected — Disaster Preparedness Strategies for Small Business.