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Recently I’ve run into a number of new small-business related blogs (new to me, at least). I have enjoyed visiting them and want to point them out so that you can visit, too:

  • Inside Small Business
  • iBusiness Channel blog
  • One Job Two Salaries *
  • ADSET’s business info blog *
  • Universe Point Blog *
  • Online Video Guy *
  • The Young Capitalist *
  • Small Business Reviews *
  • Let’s Talk Franchising *

I have a much longer list, but these are the ones for which I have the URLs handy.

If you would like your blog acknowledged, you can either send me a gentle email nudge or leave a comment below pointing out your small business or entrepreneurs blog.

UPDATE: For those of you kind enough to write a few words and leave your URL in the comments, I’ve amended the above list. Additions have an asterisk next to them. Thanks for sharing your small business blog with us.

UPDATE#2: I will keep updating this post with new blogs (updates marked with asterisks) until it gets unwieldy. At that point I may start a 2nd post — but let’s take it step by step. Meanwhile, keep adding comments below with links to your small business or entrepreneur blogs.


Anita Campbell - CEO

Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses, and also serves as CEO of

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  1. William Profet ::

    Hi Anita,

    I would like to present you my blog:

    One Job Two Salaries –

    It is targeted to employees who want to quit 9-5 schedule and start their own business – home based or not. Every Friday I write on Entrepreneurship. Other days of the week have particular topics:

    Monday: Motivation
    Tuesday: Productivity
    Wednesday: Personal Branding
    Thursday: Multiple Streams of Income (money making ideas)
    Friday: Entrepreneurship
    Saturday: Community day
    Sunday: Free Stuff day

    If you consider my blog interesting enough for your audience, I will be happy and honored to be presented here!

    Thank you for the opportunity!


  2. Anita
    I was tempted to dismiss your request for more blogs to look at — and then I thought that the only thing I had to lose was time in writing this. ROI could be good but if not then so be it.
    I read your blog avidly but … a lot of your advice is North American specific and/or designed to help people in larger outfits than mine.
    In my “Business Information” blog I have not followed the advice of Jakob Neilson and set out to produce “properly authored” articles. I have deliberately sought out press releases and factual information blogs which will help small business owner/managers in the UK to better manage their business freeing them to work in rather than on. If this is the sort of blog you want I’d be grateful for the publicity!!

    PS — One of your FAQs tries to answer “where can I get marketing reports etc?” Answer, if you’re in the UK, is from the British Library BUT you have to go there to read them. If, however, it is simply a question of finding out whether a particular report provides a figure for … then I am very happy to look it up on my next visit. I know that there’s some North American “stuff” in the business reading room but, to be honest, I’ve only noted that these exist not what.

  3. Anita Campbell

    Hi Hazel, thanks for sharing your blog. I’ve added it to my post.

    In the late 1990s I spent six months in the U.K. on business, and nearly every weekend I visited the British Museum / British Library (back when they were housed together). I remember the British Library as an amazing place with the Magna Carta, Gutenberg Bible, original Beatles scores and other treasures. I almost forgot that it’s a working library, too.


  4. Thanks for the link.


  5. Anita Campbell

    Hi William,

    Thank you for pointing out your blog. I’ve seen your previous comments and want to thank you for participating here at the Small Business Trends community.

    What you write about — starting a business on the side and then growing it to become your main business — is a strategy I see more and more people adopting. It’s generous of you to share what you know with others.

    You picked a great URL, too!


  6. Tim Berry

    Hi Anita,

    And allow me please to add mine, “Planning, Startups, Stories,” at It started and still revolves around business planning, but I’ve found that related themes — such as business fundamentals, business stories, business mistakes, theories, research, etc. — just keep coming up.

    Regards, Tim

  7. I read and enjoy your blog on a daily basis. I saw that you were posting other small business blogs so I figured I would share mine with you.

    My goal is to give our customers and prospects the chance to learn more about our company. To give them insight into who they’re dealing with so that they will feel comfortable doing business with us and intrigued by the way we do business.

    Thanks for your time.

  8. Hi Anita:

    I enjoy your blog and wanted to thank you for the wealth of info you share. Your recent post about the number of single-person businesses was a real eye-opener.

    I have a website at: and a new blog at:

    Both feature tips, tactics and techniques for promoting small businesses with Online Video. On my blog, for instance, I’ve got a brief Camtasia video showing how to post a video to YouTube in under 3 minutes…

    Hope your readers will find the info useful if they’re planning on taking advantage of Online Video.


    Lou Bortone

  9. Joel Libava

    Thank you so much for reading my Franchise blog, and mentioning and linking to it.
    {The Franchise King}
    And thanx to Tom Sudow, Director of the Beachwood, Ohio Chamber of Commerce for coining the phrase “The Franchise King”, when he introduced me to another member of the chamber a few years ago!
    Joel Libava AKA Franpro

  10. Anita. As you have mentioned before on Small Business Trends, there is also a directory of small business weblogs on ( ) . As it’s a wiki, so anyone can add their blog in the correct category. Several users of are working to keep the lists pruned so they remain directories of active blogs…and not a listing of splogs or link farms. I’m sure someone will be adding these new blogs to the directories pretty quickly, since they have the Anita seal of approval. 🙂

  11. Anita Campbell

    Hi Tim, Yes, I have been enjoying your blog. Thank you for participating here at the Small Business Trends community.

    Those who click through and read your bio will see that you are the founder of Palo Alto Software, which produces the Business Plan Pro software that so many of us (including myself) have used over the years. And congratulations on being named Entrepreneur of the Year.


  12. Anita Campbell

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for noting your blog for your business, Universe Point. I really appreciate it, especially because it gives me an opportunity to thank you for the link a few weeks back to a post of mine.

    While I do try to check to see who is linking and visit blogs carrying on the conversation that way, sometimes the need to earn a living gets me off track from doing that. If I get off track for a week or two, I sometimes miss discovering fine blogs.


  13. Anita Campbell

    Hi Lou, thanks for noting your blog — I’ve added it to the list. Video is a key trend online. Many small business owners are just starting to think about video, so if you can help them cut through the challenges I am sure they will appreciate it.


  14. Graham Lutz, The Young Capitalist

    Hey Anita! Mine is a new blog, since 7/17. I’m located at Thanks!!

  15. William Profet ::


    Thank you very much for presenting my blog on your front page.
    It is honor for me.


  16. Jim Kukral

    Anita, I’ve got a new blog about how to do online video at 🙂

  17. Anita Campbell

    Hi Rex, I added the link to the directory of blogs. Thanks for the reminder!

    Everyone: go over to the wiki, as Rex suggests, and add your small business blog to one of the categories. links, unlike Wikipedia, are not “no followed.”


  18. Anita Campbell

    Hello Graham, I’ve added the Young Capitalist to the list. Normally I like to see blogs be a little more seasoned before pointing them out. However, I also know how tough it is to get someone to link to you early on. Good luck with it.


  19. Anita Campbell

    Hi Jim, another “video how to” blog — alright! This must mean do-it-yourself video on websites is a hot trend. I’ve added it to the list.


  20. Thanks for entry. Please review my blog–“Tips From the Biz World” of Alliance Advisors. Alot of my entries are geared towards the entrepreneur but some also to do with small business.

    Hope you consider it.


  21. Hi Anita:
    I am first time visiting your blog. Looks resourceful.
    I am posting my blog for your reference:

    Rajesh Shakya
    Helping technopreneurs to excel and lead their life!

  22. Thank you both, Carole and Rajesh. I have added your blogs. Both are very interesting and very worthwhile. Anyone reading this comments, be sure to check them both out.


  23. Anita, I thoroughly enjoyed blog. I’ve linked to you since I started in January.

    Every week, on my podBlog, I post 3 new personal brand marketing tips for lawyers, accountants, financial planners, real estate, and health experts.

    ~ Vik Rajan

  24. hi Anita
    Thank you for listing the link.

    Rajesh Shakya
    Helping technopreneurs to excel and lead their life!

  25. Anita Campbell

    Thank you, Vikram, for leaving a link to your fine blog. I’ve added it!


  26. Hi Anita,

    Please visit my blog at It features startup advice, free and cost-effective (cheap) resources and some deep thinking about technology entrepreneurs. If you enjoy it, please add it to the list.



  27. Anita Campbell

    Thanks, Skip! I have added your blog to the main post.

  28. Hi Anita,
    My blog is
    First I’ve set this blog up to be my lab for online testings, after sometime I started post common questions/answers from Yahoo Answers – Business, and now my focus is marketing with a dash of online strategies for a common person.
    My majority of subscribers (around 150) and hits around 200 a day comes from small business and entrepreneurs trying to get some information about how to rank their website better, how to test them, etc.,
    I’d feel honored by your visit and indication.
    Thanks for it and thanks for your precious blog.

    Lucio Dias Ribeiro

  29. Anita Campbell

    Hi Lucio, you’ve got a very interesting blog about online marketing. I enjoyed reading it and have added it to the list. Thanks for leaving your link.


  30. Thanks Anita, It’s great having your opinion I’m flattered!
    Lucio Dias ribeiro

  31. My newest blog contains reviews of software, e-books, books, blogs, and websites. Negative reviews are not posted and all products and services are vetted before reviews are written.

  32. Anita Campbell

    Hi Bonnie, I’ve added Small Business Reviews to the list. Thanks for sharing! Anita

  33. Anita,

    I’d like to know what you think of my blog: Let’s Talk Franchising

    I’ve been in franchising for over 25 years, as a franchisee, franchisor, and running a multi unit franchise. I am also the executive director of the New England Franchise Association

    The blog provides insight and information regarding franchising and franchise opportunities.


    Jim Coen

  34. oops I made the cardinal sin of transcribing my blog incorrectly:


    Jim Coen

  35. Joel Libava

    Hi Jim,
    You and have traded tips, and links for awhile now. Your blog keeps getting better!
    Joel Libava

  36. Anita Campbell

    Hi Jim, I’ve added your blog about franchising. Thanks so much for contributing!


  37. I would (along with the others above) appreciate it if you would add my blog (

    While not 100% set on SME related issues, I am working with a lot of issues that are important to SME: China trends, trade deficit, logistics, outsoucing, quality control, and general news analysis.

    Keep up the good work!

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