New Business Ideas: Attention-Grabbing Advertising

Wizmark -- ads that grab attentionThanks to media saturation, it is now harder to reach your targeted group of consumers through traditional means of advertising and marketing.

It’s no longer enough to place ads in TV, radio, print, Internet, etc. You have to look for avenues and places which will surprise your target audience.

Consumers’ expectations have increased, and if you’re unable to come up with unique, radical and attention-grabbing advertising ideas like those featured below, your company may find itself out of the picture:

  • Wizmark (pictured above) is described as an “interactive urinal communicator”. Placed in the mens’ restroom, Wizmark can talk, sing, or flash a string of lights around a promotional message when somebody steps up to the cubicle to answer nature’s call. The large anti-glare, waterproof viewing screen is strategically located just above the drain to allow maximum brand exposure.
  • In retail outlets and stores, AquaCell’s “coolertising” is a patented self-filling water cooler system which they install free of charge for retailers. The water cooler is branded with advertisements and banners. This way, retailers can offer their customers a refreshing shopping experience while simultaneously giving advertisers a unique way to reach their targeted audience.
  • Arcade Marketing Inc’s scented advertising campaign for the California Milk Processor Board, is a first in outdoor marketing. The ad, placed at five bus stops in downtown San Francisco, utilizes the company’s technology called MagniScent to emit the smell of chocolate chip cookies. It costs about $30.00 to “ad-scent” a bus stop, and the smell is expected to last a week.
  • Even food containers are put to good use: a Chinese food restaurant in New York is sending out delivery orders in cartons which are branded with subtle advertising messages. Early participating sponsor Cingular Wireless had the food cartons delivered to hungry consumers with the words “Cingular Wireless: Swing by one of our retail locations below” imprinted.

Can you think of any unique, one-of-its-kind advertising idea which will grab the attention of consumers and get their curiosity aroused immediately? Have you seen any other wacky and interesting advertising ideas lately? Share them with us by leaving a comment.

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  1. With the growing popularity of devices such as Tivo, consumers aren’t finding products via TV commercials anymore. I find most new products in magazines or on the web. I’m not surprised that advertisers are looking for more everyday exposure than just tv. The bus stop is a good idea but would make me crave cookies!

  2. Electronic Billboards that can be updated via web and include video that can be modified daily if needed, no more need in paying a setup cost of $1500to change a billboard. I know is one place to post things like this. Crazy how quickly the world is changing.

    Elbrus Consulting

  3. Video seems to be the way to go in getting people’s attention, plus there are lots of places to distribute your videos to gain exposure which makes it even easier. There are even places like Adwido, that encourage commercial content.