New Business Ideas: Cell Phone 2.0

MizPeeEverybody has a cell phone nowadays. It has become an indispensable part of our lives.

The cell phone has evolved from its humble beginnings as a communication tool into a super gadget that offers us many useful services and resources, thanks to enterprising entrepreneurs with brilliant business ideas such as those below:

  • Quebec-based Myca offers telemedicine 2.0, with its innovative service called MyFoodPhone. It allows users to send photos of their daily meals to Myca’s nutritional analysts who will then offer personalized dietary suggestions via biweekly videos. Easy health consultation for just $10 a month.
  • New record label MMS & Buy is launching a service that enables music fans to get information about music, simply by taking a photo of the CD case and sending it via MMS (multimedia messaging) to their server. In an instant you’ll receive ringtones, video clips, concert tickets and further information about your favourite music artistes
  • Need the restroom urgently? Fear not. MizPee sends a list of the closest and cleanest bathrooms straight to users’ mobile phones. Bathroom ratings are user generated and users can even search for amenities such as handicap accessibility and diaper-changing stations. MizPee is currently available in major U.S. cities such as San Francisco, New York, Seattle and Chicago.
  • When you’re craving for Starbucks coffee, reach for your cellphone. Starbucks’ new cell phone-based service lets you efficiently locate the nearest store by texting the ZIP code of your location to the number “MYSBUX” (697289). A text message will return with the addresses of the three nearest Starbucks locations.
  • Wine connoisseurs, there’s something for you too. Send an SMS to WineZap the wine name and vintage, and WineZap will text back the current low, high and average prices for the wine you’re eyeing. Include your zipcode and you’ll also receive a list of the nearest retailers that stock the wine, as well as their prices.

Can you think of a never-seen-before mobile service for the millions of mobile phone users out there?

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  1. I don’t know about new but you missed a great site Jott Networks maintains You can use your cell to make a call that is converted to text and sent on as a text message or an email to anyone in your address book. I use it to make notes to myself.

  2. I would like to see a built in recorder (maybe it already exists?) keeping in line with the suggestion above of using services. There are always things that I think of that I need either when I’m out and about or at home, but then when I’m where I need to be to acquire it, I have forgotten measurements, details, etc.

    If a built in recorder were present, you could make “notes to self” and store them there rather than realizing you don’t have the measurements, etc. when you need them.

  3. Chris, I had a feature like that on my old Motorola phone, where you could just record something like a note to yourself and keep it on your phone until you felt like deleting it.

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  6. as you said , cell phone is a kind of communication tools, and i want to say internet also is a kind of communication tools. some businese website are very well. we can use them to communicate with others.

  7. everyone has it…Philippines is a cellphone capital. Even kids here already knows how to use cellphone so as computer. Well, i don’t think we can ever live without it anymore.It is important because now days everyone wants constant contact. Cell phones have even saved lives in emergency situations. It is also vital when it comes to businesses thing. The advantage is always there. If you forget to take the cell phone with you, you will fell upset and disconnected.