New Business Ideas: Food On The Go

New business ideas: food on the goAre today’s consumers too busy? One might certainly think so. It’s no secret that consumers in today’s high-speed environment spend a lot of time being busy — busy with work, errands, email, driving, shopping and countless other activities.

But no matter how busy you are, you still have to eat and drink to survive.

Smart entrepreneurs around the world have come up with unique solutions for busy consumers who want to spend as little time as possible on food and beverages, leaving them with more time for their other activities:

  • Australian drive-thru coffee chain Muzz Buzz (pictured above) knows that people want their coffee to be quick, convenient and satisfying. Their successful sales strategy is centered on designing drive-thru coffee outlets that offer reasonably-priced quality coffee at highly-trafficked locations. The result? Rapid expansion of the Muzz Buzz franchise.
  • New York City-based mobile text service Go Mobo — short for “mobile order” — lets you order and pay for food in advance. All you have to do is to use your cellphone and text an order to your favourite restaurant (participating food outlets include Subway, Quiznos and a few salad and sushi joints) and pay with a linked credit card. The restaurant will text you back when your order is ready.
  • Also in New York, restaurant booking service PrimeTime Tables is very helpful when you’re craving to dine at a particular restaurant which is already fully booked weeks in advance. Specializing in “impossible reservations,” PrimeTime Tables can procure members short-notice reservations at the hottest restaurants in New York, Miami, Colorado and The Hamptons. Saves you the time spent on making futile reservations.
  • Looking for coffee-flavoured ice cream with chocolate chips and walnut mixed in? Just give MooBella 45 seconds. This high-tech vending machine uses flash freezing instead of the standard slow churning method. That’s why MooBella can produce ice cream on demand from room temperature ingredients. It has a touch-screen display showing a menu of flavours and mix-ins, allowing customers to create any combination they like. Quick and easy multi-flavoured ice cream.

Can you come up with a new business idea for food to help busy consumers save on their precious seconds?

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  1. I wish we had Go Mobo in Atlanta! And Somebody needs to start another business like Webvan, except this time do it correctly.

    Have you seen Microsoft Surface? check out and watch the videos about how it could be used in restaurants! It’s awesome!

  2. Wow, these are all impressive and we are always “on the go” it seems, however, it’s also kind of a sad sign of the times to me. . . .could it be that we are not enjoying life to it’s fullest because we’re all too busy all the time? Nonetheless, the convenience is a bonus!

  3. Living in the fast world we live in today makes this so ideal for still being able to enjoy the foods you enjoy while on the go. This is getting to be very big now. Let’s not leave out the pharmacy windows…it’s the sign of the times.

  4. I have a quick drive thru coffee “shack’ in my area that I use all the time. It’s quick and convenient although they don’t stay open as late as i would like. I do agree that all this rushing around is a little sad. It seems the more we all rush around the more unpleasant everyone gets. We do need to take a little time to enjoy life once in a while. My pharmacy window is also my friend!

  5. Ice Cream on demand, what is a great idea!

    I live in Washington State, and in fact, drive-thru espresso stand is everywhere. They are often located in the gas stations, and I made it my habit to pick one up, every time I fill my gas.