New Business Ideas: It’s My Own Car

Cario NotebookA car isn’t just a means of transport; consumers spend large sums of money on their most coveted cars and they would want to personalize the car with the latest bells and whistles into something they can be proud of. More than just driving, consumers want to be able to enjoy entertainment and keep themselves updated with work while on the road, using the latest technology or trendy fun stuff.

Entrepreneurs are making it easier for such proud car owners:

  • Your favorite artists will soon play from a glove box in your car seat. Toyota’s iPod Integration Kit allows you to plug an iPod into a vehicle’s glove box and use the steering wheel or standard audio system to control the iPod, giving you fingertip control of your music. Enjoy clear digital sound from your car’s speakers.
  • If you need to work on that sales report while on the road, the Cario Notebook (pictured above) is a great help. Mounted securely on the steering wheel, it is made for people that travel with their cars to work. The unique design lets you comfortably use your laptop while sitting in the driver’s seat of your vehicle. The Cario Notebook is easily positioned by the existing steering wheel adjustment. Just be sure not to forget your driving!
  • Want to make your Toyota stand out from the crowd? Try Sticar. The new line of magnetic graphics allows you to express your inner artist on the open road. Priced at just 22 bucks, they come in packs of cool contemporary designs for you to stick on your car. You can even make make a bold statement by creating your own designs.
  • Start your day to the office on a bright note. Windshield Wisdom Cards are little placards you place on your car’s dashboard. They’re white letters printed backwards on a black background — so they reflect up in readable form onto the bottom edge of your windshield. So now, as you drive, you can have positive statements of affirmation encouraging you onwards to your goals.

Can you come up with new business ideas to target this group of proud car owners who want to make their cars to stand out from the crowd?

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  1. I wonder if the product developers at Caiso have figured out what happens if your airbag is Deployed during a crash (because you’re working on your computer, most likely). They can rename the device the “FACEBOOK” if that name’s not already taken

  2. The magnetic graphics are a nice idea and are pretty neat. I’ve used graphics on my vehicles before (currently have some on my front driver and passenger windows) but they are actual stickers.

    I’ve been wanting to remove them, but don’t look forward to scraping them off with a razor now 🙁 These would’ve been much less hassle.

  3. I think the Cario Notebook is a very dangerous idea. I wouldn’t want to be driving the freeway beside a nutcase using his notebook while he drives.

    On the other hand, Toyota’s application sounds great!

  4. The iPod Intergration sounds great, I like the fingertip control. Have to agrre that the Cario Notebook scares me a little…Eyes always on the road works better for me.

  5. Yes, I was horrified when I first saw this product. But if you click through and read the description it says something about it being operational only while the car is stationary. At least, I hope that’s what it means. 🙂

  6. Steve, you’ve got to be kidding…I used to think that multi-tasking in a vehicle ment not getting “special sauce” on your tie while navigating on the 405! In New York, if you get caught with any of these ideas its a sure bet that your fines are 10 – to 1 the cost of the toy.

    Concentrate on the road while your behind the wheel. God help us we make our face to face meetings more productive.

  7. Wow this is a scary feature to have on a car. You can get into an accident easy with that thing.

  8. this is really cool and would be very convenient to all music and tech junkies out there… 🙂

  9. I also must say that it would soon be a law that computer equipment will not be allowed while driving..already people who use cell phones get easily distracted and get into automotive related accidents.. can you imagine the amount of accidents that would happen with a built in laptop?

  10. I enjoy reading your article. Thank you so much for provide great information.