New Business Ideas: Ultra Luxury

Swarovski Usb DriveThe rich are just getting richer. With millions of dollars to spend, some use their huge riches to support philanthropy efforts, such as Bill Gates who gave away some $29 billion to charities from 2000 onwards. Some just spend their money on whatever they fancy. Entrepreneurs are coming up with new business ideas to entice the luxury-craving uber-rich to throw their money on:

  • Aquadomi has got floating houseboats for the wealthiest to live on. The houseboat can be used as a combined home and office and is connected to the public infrastructure for water, electricity, telephone, Internet and other amenities. AquaDomi offers a wide selection of light, well-arranged quality kitchen, dining room, and living room with the latest, modern equipment.
  • For the dot-com millionaires: Philips and Swarovski have teamed-up to bling the tech goodies with their ‘Active Crystals’ collection that features I GB flash(y) USB memory keys studded with swarovski (pictured above). The collection includes four different designs: Heart Ware, Heart Beat, Lock In and Lock Out. Expect the USB drives to be pricey.
  • Perfect for entertaining and personal enjoyment: the RotatingHome. No longer will you need to decide which rooms will have a great view and which rooms will have minimal view or no view at all — the RotatingHome allows you to see your entire view from all the major rooms in your home. It can turn a 100 times in one direction or a 1,000 in the other or stop in any position while always being connected to all utilities.
  • Now the uber-rich can even watch TV in bed on a wide screen TV that’s built into the bed. Using a wireless remote, you can activate the TV that rises out of the foot of the bed to show your favorite James Bond movie. The $25,900 bed has an electronic leveling system as well. Perfect viewing pleasure in the comfort of your bed.

Do you have an ultra-luxurious and ultra-exclusive product idea to sell to the uber-rich?

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  1. We have the ultimate ‘bling’ car for sale – The only available (we believe) Lamborghini Reventon in the world (and there are only 20 being built – so we’re probably right!). Info was posted on our blog yesterday at

  2. A tip of the hat to Bill Gates…helping the needy out there is always a big plus.

  3. The rotating home would be great for a mountain retreat, although the outside is a bit unattractive. It’s good to hear that big business is supporting charities too.

  4. I was visiting a Museum of Flight with my niece today, and saw a auto-plane which is a car with fold-able wings to fly in the air. (It is a proven concept) I thought that should be something we can commercialize to riches.