Dawn: A Small Business Trends Movie

Last year I commissioned a 3-minute slideshow movie about trends affecting small businesses.

In blog sites like this, older content can easily get buried and never see the light of day again.  So I thought I would pull the movie out of the archives and highlight it for you once more.  Even though it’s a year old, the movie is still quite relevant — it focuses on long-term business trends, not short term fads.

It also gives you, the business owner, pointers on how you can identify trends to take advantage of them in your business. Click on the image to launch the movie:

Trend Spotting Video by Small Business Trends


Small Business Trends Movie

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.


Anita Campbell - CEO

Anita Campbell Anita Campbell is the Founder and Publisher of Small Business Trends and has been following trends in small businesses since 2003. She is the owner of BizSugar, a social media site for small businesses, and also serves as CEO of TweakYourBiz.com.

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  1. William Profet :: OneJobTwoSalaries.com

    This is a great movie, an inspiring one. Very inspiring!
    And the music… Wow!!!!

    Thank you, Anita!

  2. Anita Campbell

    Thanks, William!

    The music is a royalty-free clip I purchased on the Web for under $15. The photographs are also royalty-free images, purchased from istockphoto.com for $1 each.

    The hardest part was developing the concept, writing the text, finding the images and music, and matching the photos and music to the text. That took a good 10 hours — maybe more.

    I had the help of ViralClick (which appears to no longer offer the service) to create the technology “container” for the movie at a price of $150, but we still had to do all the rest.

    So, in sum, it cost about $200 out of pocket and 10+ hours of time. I’ve used the movie in some of my in-person presentations and keynotes, and for that reason could justify the time and effort.


  3. Anita-

    Great clip! It really enforces some themes I’m studying in the social media arena for the small business. It also dovetails nicely with the Institute for the Future’s 10 year outlook reports.

    Your blog is great – I’m linking to it from my blog because of the consistently excellent information provided.

    Thanks, Jason

  4. Brent Leary

    As usual, great stuff Anita. Very inspirational. And your comment above is some great information on how you don’t need a big budget to to this. A little money, a bit of time and a touch of creativity can go a long ways.

  5. Thanks for reposting the video Anita – it’s inspiring and still as relevant as when you created it a year ago.

    I also appreciate you outlining how you created it – although it seems like more than 10 hours of work!

    I added a link from my site.

  6. Joel Libava

    Good stuff, Anita.
    The shower. That is where my thinking time is, along with walking the dog. Really.
    Inspiring clips,music, and words.
    Next one is scheduled when???
    Joel Libava

  7. Nice video, you should put it in your front page so people can see it.

  8. Kelly King - Fulcrum

    This is a great piece. I try to convince my clients that PowerPoint isn’t the only solution for presenting content and your slideshow does a great job of proving that. Thanks for posting!

  9. I really like the video and have shared it with the FastTrac courses I facilitate/teach (where the participants meet for about 10 weeks and develop their business plans). I always refer them to the great info on your website! So, please keep the video link available so I can continue to share it with future classes and aspiring & new entrepreneurs!

  10. I realize that this reply is likely past the normative shelf-life of a thread but again despite not being a small business owner you have provided me something of value. You quite often provide your readers with resources that are valuable not only to the business entity but the individual as well. All individuals, not only those in business but employees, students, anybody participating in our society would gain benefits from seeing this movie. Despite your recent correspondence, I believe that you do not actually make a strict distinction between the small business and the individual that created it. We need to ask ourselves if we apply that distinction between ourselves as an employee and individual or a consumer and individual? I find this type of wisdom that people can use in their daily lives of running a means of bringing products or services of use to others of a far greater benefit than many of the touchy-feely affirmations prevalent on the Internet. It puts a lot of what I have been thinking and writing about for the last few months in a succinct, inspirational and accessible format.

  11. Anita Campbell

    Hi briandrpm, First of all, I am thrilled with your comments no matter what the date. That’s why I leave the comments open indefinitely, even though it puts a little extra burden to moderate out spam (spammers go for older posts, often).

    I agree that individuals can get value out of the movie. No matter whether we identify ourselves as business owners or employees or whatever employment status, in the end we are all human beings, first and foremost. We have brains and we are interested in what’s happening today in society. We all watch the world around us and take stock of what is happening. And that’s really what Dawn is all about — what’s happening in the world around us. 🙂


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