New Business Ideas: Common Scents

ScentuelleIf you’re an entrepreneur, it’s common sense to use smells, scents, fragrances and odors as an incentive to lure consumers to purchase your products or services. After all, our sense of smell is part of our basic instincts without which many of our most important and significant experiences would not be as memorable.

Here are some new business ideas which aim to infiltrate our nostrils to make us part with our money:

  • You may smell inherently seductive if you’re blessed with good genes. A company called My DNA Fragrance claims that it can develop a perfume for women or cologne for men based on your DNA. Just send a swab of saliva to the company and you can get your own customized scent.
  • Even major companies are betting on the effectiveness of scent marketing. USA Today and the Wall Street Journal are preparing to insert “rub and sniff” newspaper ads in their pages. Meanwhile, retailer Wal-Mart is testing experimental DVDs with “smell-o-vision”. Expect electronic scent wafers that release the odor of a burning building at precisely timed moments when you’re watching an action-packed movie.
  • Recently introduced to North America, the Scentuelle patch (pictured above) consists of a complex combination of scent molecules that stimulate the libido by targeting the brain’s smell receptors which control sexual desire. Feeling sexy tonight? Simply place the small, transparent patch on the inside of your wrist, and smell it regularly throughout the day. You’ll be looking forward to the night time.
  • Staying at The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo evokes a sense of luxury. That’s because it is the target of subliminal scent branding by aroma development specialist Air Aroma. At the hotel’s main lobby, the delectable fragrance of rich chocolate is captivating from the moment you step off the elevator. The exclusively scented fragrance creates an atmosphere of luxury for the hotel.

Can you come up with new business ideas utilizing the sense of smell to attract new customers?

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  1. “. . . claims that it can develop a perfume for women or cologne for men based on your DNA.” That’s fascinating – I’d be really interested to try that. I’m going to go check it out now.

  2. Some interesting ideas. I can’t imagine how long a DVD with scent would last though. It is quite enjoyable to have unexpected “bursts” of scent when you are watching something. Anyone who has been to Disney World knows what I mean.

  3. Given that most commercial “fragrances” are petroleum based or otherwise synthetic, I don’t consider this good news. Besides the fact that many people are allergic to these chemicals and wouldn’t welcome the intrusion of unwanted scents, those who aren’t allergic are still being exposed to dangerous phthalates (present in almost all commercial perfumes).

  4. I would love to have my very own frangrance. My DNA Frangrance sounds like something I would want to try. Now you just have to hope that you are blessed with healthy genes. Some really great ideas here.