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Are We any Closer to Relief from Escalating Healthcare Costs?

Anybody who has had to see the doctor or fill a prescription recently wants to know the answer to this question: just when will we see relief from high healthcare costs?

The short answer is: don’t hold your breath for major changes in the law before the 2008 Presidential elections.

However, there are options for keeping healthcare costs down.

Dawn Rivers Baker joined us on Small Business Trends Radio this week to discuss  healthcare.  She covered several important issues, including:

Dawn also shares the one thing — the single thing — she would do about the healthcare mess if she were in Congress.  You may be surprised by her answer.

Dawn Rivers Baker is the Publisher of  The MicroEnterprise Journal. Dawn is also the founder and board chairman of The Microbusiness Research Instutite, a non-profit non-partisan research organization whose mission is to collect and publicize data on microbusinesses in the United States and their impact on the larger U.S. economy.

Dawn is a fountain of knowledge on health care. Click the player below to listen to Dawn’s interview.

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