Having Trouble Deciding On Corporate Holiday Gifts To Give?

Will your employees like the same gift you are giving your customers and business associates? Is it OK to give gifts that aren’t industry related? Is it really necessary to send a gift at all?leeeldridge.JPG

Fact is: it’s that time of year again. Time to say “thank you” to all of your business associates and employees.

But how do you choose the right gift? And wouldn’t it be nice to send a gift that also serves as a marketing tool and a reminder of your products and services throughout the year?

Lee Eldridge joined us on Small Business Trends Radio this week to discuss corporate holiday gift giving. He covered several important issues, including: .JumpUp

  • Why it is important to include Holiday gift giving into your marketing budget;
  • For a bigger impact, why it’s better to focus on the recipient rather than the industry;
  • Useful gifts that serve as year round marketing tools;
  • Etiquette regarding gift giving to government agencies doing business in the public sector.

Working his way through college as a professional musician and advertising guru, Lee co-founded and launched Absorbent, Ink., a promotional products and corporate gifts provider, in 2000. It was named one of Inc. magazines top 25 fastest growing advertising and marketing companies in 2007.

Lee shares what some of the most popular corporate Holiday gifts are and which one you may have to think about before giving – so as not to offend anyone. Find out more by clicking the player below.

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