Kids Sue Santa Over Screwed Up Spreadsheets

Santa gets sued in a class action lawsuit by children because he got the naughty and nice lists mixed up. He even managed to get Paris Hilton on the wrong list. It was all due to poor version control of his Excel spreadsheets. He goes on TV and does a celebrity mea culpa with Larry King … er, I mean eXpressoMan.

From my good friends at eXpresso Corp. Thanks guys!


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  1. Cut Santa a break-it’s Christmas, he learned a good lesson. Thought this cute.

  2. He should have used OpenDocument…

  3. Hi EJ, yes I got a chuckle out of it, too. I also thought it was a cute holiday greeting — very creative. Anita

  4. Santa pimping Excel. What has Christmas come to?

  5. Hi Terry — it’s just a fun thing. 🙂

    I think it’s creative.

    I see nothing wrong with making others aware of new services and products and having some fun while doing it. In fact, I’d rather get a chuckle out of it, than be presented with something boring.

    Merry Christmas!


  6. Hey why not tie into celebrity status… Paris Hilton, Larry King,Bill Gates, Al Sharpton and Santa… to pimp your product?

    Creative and genius… these people actually understand marketing.


    “Santa switched to to share and control his spreadsheets. Shouldn’t you?”

    Well… actually…ah… “No”

    Where’s the call to action here?

    Like… Click here, get your Free EXpresso Account Right NOW … and a Special Early gift from Santa for being on the “Good” List.

    Merry Christmas… Ho, Ho, Ho,


    Thanks for sharing this Anita. I plan to put a post on my blog linking to it.

  7. As a CPA and finance professional, I can relate to Santa!!!!! We once pushed around the wrong valuation numbers for weeks because we used the wrong Excel work sheet. What a waste.

    Found you through Accounting Web, Anita.