New Business Ideas: Green Cuisine

Pizza FusionTapping into increased environmental awareness these days, restaurants and food outlets are mixing food and beverage (F & B) ideas with the wave of green, save-the-earth messages. Have some good food and drinks, and do your part for the health of our world. It’s a great combo, judging from the responses consumers have to these green F & B ideas below:

  • Save the Earth by eating a pizza from Pizza Fusion. The company offsets 100% of its energy usage by drawing on renewable wind energy and hybrid vehicles. They use 100% certified organic ingredients in their sauce, dough, and vegetables. Even the beef is free of any hormones, pesticides, and antibiotics.
  • Picknick is a new sustainable food kiosk that serves sandwiches, salads, and sweets. It prides itself on being a “mini-model of consumer and eco-conscious food service.” After all, Picknick obtains most of its ingredients from small farms and local businesses. Their takeout containers, cutlery and cups are made from biodegradable bioplastics, and a small part of the company’s profits is donated back to conservation charities annually.
  • Based in Colorado, Solar Roast Coffee uses only 100% organic or fair trade coffee beans. Not only that, the company also uses a special solar-powered roasting technique in the production process. The company has created a buzz for producing environmentally friendly coffee using clean abundant solar energy, winning over many green-minded consumers.
  • New York’s Habana Outpost restaurant serves Latin American food and more; environment activism and community is on the menu, too. Habana Outpost is an avant-garde eco-eatery and gathering place for green-minded customers. The solar-powered restaurant has a courtyard with recycled plastic picnic benches and uses plates made of biodegradable materials. Workshops organized by green lifestyle experts are held on the premises regularly.

How do you think you can mix food and beverage business ideas with green-friendly objectives?

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  1. I think it is important to have green initiatives for all businesses. The fact is that many business owners that are going green want to do business with other green businesses. I advise that if small business go green they make sure that their initiatives are truly green. Plus there are some tax savings to certain green initiatives such as using hybrid cars for business.

  2. Let’s not forget about “man’s best friend”. The Pet Industry has really gone big on “organic” pet foods.