New Business Ideas: Health is Wealth

VIOLightHealth is the new wealth. Many companies and entrepreneurs are creating new, innovative products with an emphasis on the consumer’s health and body image, knowing that healthcare is an area which can unlock potential riches. Here are some of the most creative and interesting concepts we’ve seen lately:

  • White Glo’s Crave Away toothpaste is the first appetite control toothpaste that not only whitens and cleans your teeth, but helps suppress appetite as well. Apparently, it is created with herbal formulas which signal the brain that the body has eaten. Creative and effective way of weight management … unless you don’t brush your teeth everyday.
  • Bliss’s Ray of Hope is a water-resistant sunscreen which uses a combination of a UV activated slimming ingredient and caffeine to temporarily tighten skin when you need it most, for example, while lying on the beach wearing a bikini. It helps to protect your skin from harmful UV rays while enhancing your body image at the same time.
  • The VIOlight toothbrush sanitizer claims to kill 99.9% of germs found on your toothbrush using UV light. Plug it into the power outlet, place your toothbrushes in the four slots, press the button, and the 10 minutes of ultra violet light treatment would have killed all those nasty germs and bugs that may endanger your family everyday.
  • You may have to go for a jab from time to time. Make it as painless as possible with the Luminetx VeinViewer which claims to eliminate off-target jabs by showing the nurse exactly where to poke. It uses near infrared light to detect veins inside our body and produces a strange green web on a piece of plastic on your arm, showing the whereabouts of your veins.

Can you come up with the next big idea in the healthcare industry?

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  1. 9:20 pm 2Dec07

    This is a submission of an idea. I’m sure the technology is available.

    There are days when I find it difficult to get out of bed. Crawling to the bathroom alone can be daunting. I need to get food, clothes, washcloths, personal items, medicines and books, just to name a few items. I don’t have my personal assistant all the time. It would be very impractical for just occasional needs like these.

    I need some thing to fetch things for me. I thought about a remote control child’s truck with pick up arms and a flat surface, but plates of food and full cups aren’t safe. Also, it can‘t get up to a counter, or pour coffee.

    Is there something available and AFFORDABLE, to a disabled person on a limited income.

    If not, can someone come up with a practical solution? Or, is anyone brave enough to design and promote such a thing?

    Please let me know what you think of this submission.

    Linda Setinc

  2. I would actually consider buying a VIOlight toothbrush system. If it helps to cutdown an reoccuring colds and sore throats, it may be worth the investment.

    The veinviewer also intrigues me. My doctor’s office always has trouble finding my veins. When they head for my hands, I cringe. That hurts so bad! 🙁

  3. Hi Linda, maybe a reader who is an inventor will come up with something to help the disabled and those temporarily unable to get around. Anita

  4. having a fresh teeth always made my day…. i prefer using battery powered toothbrush to clean my teeth… its more easy and also take less effort…. 🙂