New Business Ideas: Love for Pets

Outward Hound Window Dog Chin RestThe pet industry is growing at a healthy rate and 84% of American pet owners say they regard their animal as a member of the family. They are increasingly willing to splurge on their pets’ comfort and well-being. As man’s best friends, surely our lovely companions deserve the best.

Entrepreneurs are coming up with new business ideas to take advantage of the growth trends in the pet industry:

  • If it gets too hot, you will want to drink more water and so does your pet. The Automatic Refill Water Bowl is a 1.8 gallon automatic stainless waterer that you can attach to a garden hose to provide fresh water for your pet at all times.
  • The ChillyDog vest is also helpful in a world that is heating up. This revolutionary cooling product maintains a constant 15°C for your beloved dog and is able to recharge in minutes. The vest basically wraps your dog’s abdomen with cooling ice packs which helps to absorb dangerous heat away from your dog. It is designed to fit comfortably and allows freedom of movement.
  • If you’re worried about your dog’s comfort when it sticks its head out of the window while you’re driving, the Outward Hound Window Dog Chin Rest (pictured above) is probably a viable solution. The product slides over the edge of an open window, creating a nice cushion for canine chins to rest on. Extra comfort when you’re driving over rough and bumpy terrain.
  • Pamper your dog further with dog beer, a beverage brewed especially for you canine friend. Called “Kwispelbier” after the Dutch word for a wagging tail, this non-alcoholic beer is more of a malt liquor flavored with beef extracts. Going by sales of this brew in Holland, the dogs seem to be taking to its taste.

What other pets-related new business ideas have you seen in your country?

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  1. I love this site: – dog costumes and clothing – as well as fun toys and gifts for dogs and cats. Enjoy!

  2. Steven, I really enjoy your columns! The amount of $4 I spend on our dog is amazing! I do enjoy shopping for the big guy, and am always on the lookout for the latest things.
    Joel Libava

  3. I actually spend more than 4$ when I shop for the dog…. More like $40.
    Joel Libava